Tuesday, May 7, 2013

10 Month Birthversary!

Nicolette turned 10 months old on Sunday and I had to try to wrangle her up for another monthly photo shoot.  Lord have mercy that child is all over the place!  At 10 months old, Nicolette is full of energy and getting her to sit still even for a second is not easy!

She is a pro at crawling and loves to pull to standing.  She's testing her balance here and there but not standing on her own unsupported yet.  If you put her in her walker she takes off in a split second.  She's even good at rerouting when she bumps into things or reaches an impasse.  She'll also walk (quickly) when holding on to your fingers and loves her push toys.

Nicolette has not been the greatest eater, we struggle to get her to finish her meals but that will surely improve with time.

In addition to saying "mama" (which she's been saying for months), Nicolette also started saying "dada" yesterday and this past weekend I think she started trying to say "dog".  We're dog sitting for friends and she would look at him and point and each time I would say "DOG".  By Sunday she was pointing and saying "doh".  I'm assuming that this means dog and that my child is a genius.