Friday, April 27, 2012

Farewell Nutella!

Those who follow my Pinterest boards are well aware of my obsession with Nutella (the oh so delicious creamy, dreamy chocolate hazelnut spread that my celebrity soulmate Giada DiLaurentis talks about eating for breakfast when she was growing up in Italy) and will be SHOCKED at the title of this post. 

Yes, I love Nutella, I love it on toast, love it on strawberries, love it as the chocolate for my s'mores, love it on waffles, love it in pancakes, love it on apples, love it on a spoon or even my finger :)  I have spent countless hours researching Nutella recipes on Pinterest (not one of which I have actually made, but isn't that the point of Pinterest?) and have an entire board devoted to its deliciousness.  If there was a support group for Nutella Eaters Anonymous I would have to join. 

However I was shocked to find something EVEN BETTER...


The Italian and I both agree that this hidden treasure hands down beats Nutella.  Just picked the little gem up at our local Trader Joe's out of curiosity (and a weak pregnancy moment) and we had it on strawberries for dessert and are both HOOKED!  I came home last night and found that there are only about 2 Tablespoons left.  The Italian definitely approves :) 

This stuff is G-O-O-D!  Even gooder than Nutella!  If you have a Trader Joe's near you you should definitely check it out.  If you don't have a Trader Joe's near you, first I am so sorry for this void in your're really missing out.  But seriously, they sell it on Amazon!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hellooooo 3rd Trimester! - It's Hump Day Bump Day again!

I can't believe we made it to the 3rd trimester!  Only 11 short weeks (or so) until little Nicolette graces us with her presence.  I honestly cannot believe it! 

We had a busy week last week (hence the lack of a HDBD post for 28 weeks). 
  • The dreaded glucose test was last week.  For those not familiar you drink this BIG cup of SUGARY, SYRUPY drink - think of an orange crush soda with extra sugar and NO carbonation.  You have to finish within 5 minutes and then have your blood drawn exactly 1 hour later.  This tests to see if you have gestational diabetes.  So far I haven't heard anything back about the results and the doc said with this test that "no news is good news".  So I guess you don't hear anything if you pass, only if you fail.  Fingers crossed that we're still good and that we don't hear from the doc until our next appointment (on my birthday!!!  Now we start going every two weeks for check ups). 
  • The Italian had cataract he is not 100 years old...just has had lots of unfortunate eye problems.  So we spent a couple of days on that and recovery - so far all is looking good.  His vision was actually 25/20 the day after surgery even with his eye still being dialated which the eye doctor said was AMAZING!  YAY!  He has another follow up tomorrow so prayers that all continues to look good.  He says it feels like he has an eyelash in his eye a lot of the time and he catches a glare out of his right eye and I'm hoping the doc says that that is all normal and that it will subside with time.   
  • We had our Childbirth Preparation class Friday night and all day Saturday.  The Italian was a little bored, but definitely learned a lot - he thought all women delivered babies flat on their backs like they do in the movies.  Boy was he surprised when we had to watch "THE video" with 6 live births.  Fun times.  He's going to be an "uptown dad" - no need for the full show downtown.   
  • The most fun was Nicolette's first Baby Shower this weekend with my work family!  This little girl is going to be spoiled rotten!!!!  We're starting to set up some of the "stuff" that we got for her around the house to see how our cat-child and dog-child react.  Chance (dog-child) is so mellow he really doesn't even seem to notice but Sasha (cat-child) is VERY curious.  We set up Nicolette's bathtub in our bathroom and she's been eyeing it for the past few days.  We're lucky to have very friendly, not aggressive in the least pets but Sasha does like to snuggle so I'm hoping to set up the bassinet in our room sometime in May or June to see what she does with it in the room.
  • Little Nicolette is definitely making use of the space she's created in this belly of mine.  I swear I think she's doing toe touches or cartwheels in there because I'll feel (and see) her kicking in all different directions AT THE SAME TIME.  It's fun to watch!  :)      
And that brings us to this week - I've got some big events at work this weekend running into next week and trying to remind myself (in advance) to pace myself.  Still get awfully lightheaded now and then but the doctor swears that my 80/42 blood pressure is A-OK. long as I don't pass out I guess it's ok.     

And then NEXT weekend I'm so-hostessing a baby shower for a dear friend and former Panther Cheerleader teammate at our house!!!!  Babies, babies everywhere!!!!

Happy Hump Day Bump Day! 
29 weeks!!!!!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

National Infertility Awareness Week®

Hi all - I'm passing this message along...Please call your Members of Congress this week!
In recognition of National Infertility Awareness Week®, don't ignore your voice! Members of Congress need to know that people with infertility matter.
Hundreds of supporters throughout the infertility community are gathering in Washington D.C. this week to meet with Congressmen and urge them to co-sponsor the Family Act and save the Adoption Tax Credit.
  • The Family Act would create a tax credit to help with the out-of-pocket medical costs for infertility treatment.
  • We also need to repeal the sunset provision of the Adoption Tax Credit, which is set to expire this December.
And we need your help by calling your U.S. Senators and Representative to also show your support.
Here's how you can raise your voice: Visit here for details about your Congressmen, their phone numbers and a suggested script.
Calling will take just a moment of your time and could change your life as well as millions of others who are struggling with fertility treatment expenses.
Please call today!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

World War III

Now I'm not usually one to air out my dirty laundry but here goes.  So ya know how I've been surprised at how I'm not freaking out about not having anything done for little Nicolette?  Well, I think perhaps I've repressed some of that energy (which beautifully released itself this weekend)'s the story -

Friday night I mentioned to the Italian that I had to work on Saturday.  I knew that he was off this weekend so asked him if he thought he could "finish up" in the nursery.  (Note that that was a question, not a demand).  Now the tasks that the Italian had offered to complete for project nursery were paint walls, paint ceiling, install crown moulding (his idea, not mine) and paint said crown moulding.  He answers "yes".  He already had the walls painted so needed to paint the ceiling and handle the crown moulding.  So in my mind the affirmative answer meant that all would be completed this weekend - hooray!  (sidenote - we had already committed to Easter lunch with my parents on Sunday so I knew that that was going to eat into his schedule along with the Masters being on TV - apparently a national week of reverance for those who love golf). 

So I get home from work Saturday and notice that the hubs is not home - I looked in the nursery and nothing had been done so I thought SURELY he had made a trip to Lowe's or Home Depot to pick up some much needed supplies.  I go about my evening busying myself with chores when he bee-bops in and I realize that he was not at aforementioned home improvement stores but out playing golf. I'm not the kind to blow up - I'm even worse I'm a passive aggressive pain in the arse.  (This is not a pregnancy hormone related's just how I roll - not proud of it, but I recognize and own it completely).  He notices aforementioned passive aggressive pouting and asks what is wrong and I calmly state that I thought he was going to finish up the nursery...things escalate within a matter of 5 minutes reaching a fevered pitch as he calls me a nag and tells me to get off his back and it ends with me telling him that I think he's lazy and that I hate golf.  (now the ironic thing is that he was more offended with the "I hate golf" statement than the fact that I called him lazy - who would have thought that would be the bigger insult?  Guys are weird...Lesson learned). 

Then comes Sunday morning.  The Italian is up earlier than usual and heads to Lowes for crown moulding supplies.  He returns as a man on a mission - bound and determined to prove me wrong and finish the project by the end of the weekend.  Oh and did I mention that he's happy about it...REAL happy about it (note sarcasm).  

Needless to say, he did NOT make it to my parent's house for Easter so it was just Nicolette, myself and Grandma and Grandpa for the day.  It was nice though - we got to skype with some of my relatives in Iowa - none of whom I have seen since our wedding (nearly 7 years ago)!!!!!

So lessons learned -
  • For wife: Do not call your husband lazy (especially when he really isn't - he's actually super handy and takes care of 99.9% of our home projects and renovations - granted he does so on his own timing which is where we butt heads...when I say I'm going to do something, I like to do it immediately.  Him?  Not so much - he'll get to it when he gets to it and he might say that he'll get to it today which I am supposed to know means it might be another month). 
  • For husband: Do not tell your wife that you will complete a project AND go to her parent's house over the weekend if you are really planning to spend an entire day playing golf which will make it impossible to complete said committments.
By the time I got home Sunday night, the crown moulding was up, ceiling was painted and all was well with the Italian happily watching Bubba Watson win the Masters (have to admit I'm a Bubba Watson fan so I was happy about that "win" too
Aside from that drama (which really should not have been drama at all) not much is going on.  Today is Hump Day Bump Day, so here we are at 27 weeks!!!!  She's taking over for sure!  Next week I'll officially be in the THIRD TRIMESTER - the HOME STRETCH!!!!  I can't believe it!  My due date is exactly 3 months from today! 

I'll post pics of "Project Nursery" soon!  We still have no furniture - but we'll make sure she has somewhere to sleep before she arrives :) 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cravings much?

Soooo thankful to work at the establishment that serves the BEST BURGERS in the city of Charlotte!  (The Gallery Restaurant at The Ballantyne Hotel)

I think this OFFICIALLY qualifies as a "Mega Craving".  I tried to satisfy it with my usual apple, some cereal, cucumbers...nothing.  So THANKFULLY the wonderful chefs at The Gallery Restaurant were kind enough to let me order our BAUCOM'S BEST FARMS® ULTIMATE BURGER.  This burger is no joke - 8 oz of grass fed beef which I topped with melted cheddar and bacon...nom, nom, nom!!!! :)  Nicolette is a happy girl - flip flopping away. 

For those who know me, you know that I'm not a red meat eater so this is definitely outside of the norm.  I have been slightly iron deficient at my last few appointments, so I'm going to blame the craving on that.  Now we just have to make sure that it doesn't become a daily occurence....

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

HDBD ~ 26 weeks

Wowzers!  26 weeks and time is FLYING by faster than I can keep track!  Nicolette is growing, growing, growing (and so am I...OBVIOUSLY - see below).  So far we're feeling pretty good...only thing is that I'm a little worried about my blood pressure...I had another incident the other morning where I almost passed out.  This time while walking Chance in the morning before work.  eek!  I managed to stumble across the street and land on all fours in someone's drive way and then took a minute to collect myself and picked myself up to walk back home.  I sat for a little bit and was then totally fine.  I had eaten breakfast before my walk and was feeling just dandy when we headed out until all of the sudden I totally was NOT.  I can't think of anything else to relate to other than my BP.  My BP was 80/50 at my last appt and the Doc and Nurses all say that that is GOOD. 

Has anyone else had blood pressure issues or fainting spells while preggers?  I haven't passed out yet, but have felt on the very brink of it several times.  I called the Doctor's office and their wise advice is just not to stand up so much.  Hmmmm - sounds brilliant right?  And oh so practical.  Whatevs.  Other than that, I feel totally fine so I guess I'll just continue to keep my phone with me and hope I don't need it! 

Here's one thing I'm VERY excited about!  Nicolette's first CHEERLEADING UNIFORMS!!!!!  The Panthers had a clearance sale on these little gems (probably related to the new logo that's being rolled out and the switchover from Reebok to Nike sponsorship for the NFL).  Anyway, they didn't have any little infant uniforms, but I did snag an 18 month and a 24 month outfit for her :)  My girl HAS to promote her Panther Pride! :)