TTC Timeline

For those who missed my blog entry featuring the interpretation of the infertile woman's secret language, TTC = Trying To Conceive.  This is a timeline of our journey (most recent activity (or non-activity) is listed first....keep scrolling....and's been a lengthy process.  

June/July/August/September 2011 - doing NOTHING - rest cycle preparing mind, body, spirit and wallet for IVF

June 2011 - Metformin + Letrozole + Follistim Injections + Ovidrel Trigger + IUI = BFN

May 2011 - Accupuncture + Metformin + Letrozole + Ovidrel Trigger + IUI = BFN

April 2011 - Accupuncture + Metformin + Letrozole + Ovidrel Trigger + IUI = BFN

March 2011 - Second HSG with procedure to remove blockage in the left fallopian tube - VICTORY! Continue Metformin + Letrozole + Ovidrel Trigger Shot = BFN (big fat negative)

February 2011 - self referral for second opinion with a fertility specialist, diagnosed with Lean PCOS on the right and blocked tube on the left. Begin Metformin/Letrozole monthly cocktail

February 2011 - Gyn recommends lupron depo for 9 months...that's right 9 months of self imposed menopause at the age of thanks...

January 2011 - laporoscopy, removal of endometriosis, still have a blocked left tube

December 2010 - hooray! New insurance! Laporoscopy will be covered in January!!!!

2010 - crappy insurance company denies aforementioned laporoscopy (still on Clomid mind you...going on 10 months now, which I now know is WAY too long for this type of medication!!!!)

June 2010 - Gyn recommends laporoscopy (possible endometriosis)

2010 - Gyn recommends continuing Clomid

January 2010 - HSG, shows possible blocked left tube

September 2009 - diagnosed with annovulation and unexplained infertility, begin Clomid

August 2008 - where is AF? Only see her a few times a year...can't be normal, right? Stupid general practitioner says that's just how some women are, so not to worry. Thanks a lot.

2006 - there goes the BCP - not trying, but not "not trying" either.

July 1, 2005  - here comes the bride!!!!  Weren't we cute?