Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The most beautiful sound in the world....

One STRONG little heartbeat! 150 beats per minute...our little hummingbird!

Still a long road ahead but so grateful for this day! The Italian can't stop telling people...even shared the news with our gutter guys today...geez! Good thing I'm not trying to keep this quiet...there's no way he could have waited 5 more weeks!

Our estimated due date is July summer baby!

Lots of prayers that this little bugger stays nice and strong! Today's appointment made me forget all about how I had to sleep on the bathroom floor because I was so sick last night :)

What blessing in time for Thanksgiving! Thank you all for your prayers and best wishes for a blessed holiday with your families!


  1. Yay, Kelly!! So glad to hear your FANTASTIC news. I will keep you and your little one in my thoughts and prayers. You are RIGHT, it is the most beautful sound in the world!

  2. Yeah!!! Congrats on a healthy heartbeat!!! The sound is amazing!!

  3. Congratulations! That is wonderful news going into a holiday. Have fun sharing around the table tomorrow!

  4. I agree that is a great sound! One of my friends suggested recording it on a build a bear recorder and make a bear. I wish I had done this but DH didn't like the idea.

    Happy Thanksgiving and ICLW!

    ICLW #16

  5. So delighted to hear your WONDERFUL news. Will be praying for a healthy, full-term baby and some relief for mommy's tummy.

  6. That is a Thanksgiving blessing for sure! Congrats!

  7. what a wonderful thanksgiving gift!! congrats! wishing you a healthy and uneventful pregnancy!

  8. Congrats!!!!

    My son was born July 12th!! It is a good time of year you can still get out and about and you don't have to worry about bundling everyone up!!

    Happy ICLW

  9. Congratulations! It must be a wonderful and amazing sound to hear. Hoping I get the same in 8 weeks or so.

    ICLW #110

  10. You, my dear, have a blog award!