Monday, January 16, 2012

I'm BACK! (I think)

So I woke up this morning and for the first time in MONTHS feel like MYSELF!!!  I used to be an EARLY riser - usually 4:30 or so and would get in a good 4-6 mile run or hour and a half of yoga.  Well, that me seemed to disappear into the toilet over the past 3 months and for the month prior to that was put on restriction by Dr. Katz.  Well this morning, I hopped out of bed at 5:30 (not as early as the old days, but still better than dragging myself out around 7/7:30), ate breakfast and then did my prenatal yoga DVD.  Now the prenatal yoga is NOTHING like my Power Yoga that I used to enjoy, but it's kind of nice to just stretch and relax instead of being the psycho yogi wanna-be that I once was. I'm hoping to actually make it to the gym for a short burst on the's been nearly FIVE MONTHS since a trip to the gym...for those who didn't know me before all this or don't know me outside of the blog world that is INSANE to me!!!!  I've been a religious and some may say "obsessive" work out person for years.  I have to admit, the break has been nice, but my mind and body both miss the regular butt kicking I used to give myself. 

I've been off Zofran (my anti-nausea meds) for nearly 2 weeks now and am thankful to only have occasional and light bouts of nausea now and then. 

We did our first day care tour on Saturday and there is only one word to describe it....TRAUMATIC!  The facility was perfectly nice and the people were so friendly, but I started crying as soon as we pulled into the parking lot so that started things off on the wrong note.  Then we go inside and fill out the form and the nice Director lady begins our tour.  We got into the infant room and she started going through the dailly schedule, what to bring each day, each week, how to check in, the "lesson plans", the sanitation guidelines, etc....I thought the Italian was going to lose it.  It was definitely way too much for the male mind to take in.  She wanted to continue to tour us through the Toddler, Twaddler and Pre-Schooler rooms, but Dave just wanted to BOLT.  It was definitely overwhelming. 

I don't know what made us think that it would be a good idea to head to Buy Buy Baby after that traumatic outing...but we did.  I just wanted to quickly look at cribs as we had a 20% off coupon which would be a nice discount on a crib but while we were there the Italian was like, "I want to look at Car Seats and Strollers".  So we bravely walked over to the foreign land of strange baby equipment.  We both just stood there in shock until Dave saw the Jog Strollers - "Well, you have to have one of these!" he said as he took off towards the heavy duty equipment.  I told him that I heard that Bob Strollers were good jog strollers so he said ok and pulled the price tag on the first one we say..."$699!!!!!!!" We both said and then noted that our 20% coupon was no good on Bob products.  So we hightailed it out of the store, headed to a dive and drowned our sorrows in Cheeseburgers and French Fries.  :)  Luckily one of my besties and all around super-mom is coming into town in February for the Reveal party and she's been kind enough to come help me register...I'm CLUELESS with this stuff!  It will feel so much better to have a real life mommy there to help pick out what we need! 

So wish me luck (or continued energy) so that I can hopefully make it to the gym tonight.  Thanks again for continued prayers and support.  Less than 1 month until our anatomy scan - until then I keep looking down and asking "Are you really in there?  Are you ok?  Will you please STAY ok????"  So grow baby grow!  Let's get this show on the road :) 

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  1. Hey Kelly,

    Abigail and I go for ~2 or so 5 mile runs a week in the Baby Trend "expedition". and have gone as far as a 12 miler when she was really napping. I love it, and don't have a bad thing to say about it. in some ways better than the bob, because it has cup/snack trays for both mommy and babe! and only ~$120. Maybe the bob is better, but can't be THAT much better! Also, baby trend car seats click into when they are little. I didn't run with a until she was ~4.5 months, but having the car seat for that month and a half before she could go without it sure was nice!