Wednesday, July 4, 2012

HDBD - 39 weeks (1 week until D Day!!!!)

I am fully aware that my weekly Hump Day Bump Day posts are pretty monotonous - filled with "I can't believe we only have this many weeks left".  But this one is for real...


Now I am FULLY aware that many first time mommies do go past their due date and I'm honestly get the feeling that that is what may happen with us too.  I haven't had any contractions or any other signs that labor is near and have been sitting happy at 1cm dilated and 50% effaced for the past 2 weeks (we have another doctor's appointment on Friday so we'll see if that has changed at all).  I DO however have baby brain and not the kind where I'm forgetting everything...the kind where she's all that I can think about ("she's moving a lot, why is she moving so much", "she's not moving much, why isn't she moving, I don't think she's moved all day!!!!").  I have a hard time thinking or even talking about anything else.  I guess that's a sign of the "new normal" that we'll soon be living.  So while I don't feel like she's coming any time soon or that she'll even be here on or before her due date I am praying that we're able to avoid an induction at all costs.  Luckily my doctor really does everything possible to avoid inductions (as they tend to pose more complications for first time mothers than benefits) so I trust that they'll help walk us through this.      

Last weekend I was being a nice wife making my hubby's favorite cookies for our anniversary (yeah, I totally think that my homemade cookies are equal to the rockin' ruby and diamond pendant he bought for me) and whilst baking I ate a couple of spoonfuls of cookie soon as the second spoonful was down I started FREAKING OUT - "WHAT AM I DOING EATING RAW COOKIE DOUGH????".  I have been SOOOOO careful with what I've eaten (and NOT eaten) during this pregnancy - no deli meats, no unpasteurized cheeses or dairy, trying to avoid MSG whenever I can read ingredients and see what's in food, no meats, fish our poultry that aren't cooked well done, etc.) and now at 9 months pregnant I eat RAW COOKIE DOUGH?  What the heck was I thinking?????  I was immediately terrified that I was going to get Salmonella.  So what do I do?  First I literally throw up (TMI, I know) - I was so upset and nervous that it was like a natural reflex that couldn't be stopped and then I of course consult Google to find out how much damage I potentially may have done....BAD move...the outlook was grim, apparently salmonella does cross the placenta and can have horrible, horrible effects on the baby.  I was an absolute wreck for the entire day and night...literally did not sleep at all Sunday night - laid awake almost all night with my BabyConnect App on my iPad so that I could count fetal movements every hour.  Everything that I read said that if you do get salmonella that you're going to show symptoms within 12-72 hours - so as of today we're officially traces of salmonella, baby girl has been active and rolling around regularly and my neurotic obsession with researching this topic can subside for the time being.  

In other news - still wearing heels at work (and my stylish pantyhose - that are required, not optional), still no swelling and the jeans I have on in the pic above are actually PRE-PREGNANCY skinny jeans (I was even able to zip and button them below the belly)!  Not bragging but I am pretty happy that I still fit into most of my pre-pregnancy clothes (except for the belly of course).  I know that the weight won't fall off like Heidi Klum or Jessica Alba's (I surely will not be strutting my stuff in my underwear on a runway on national tv 6 weeks (or anytime) after childbirth), but I'm hoping that being reasonably healthy during this pregnancy will help things go somewhat back to normal once I have an outside baby instead of an inside baby.  My 6 pack may never come back but hopefully my clothes will fit!  

We're ready to meet you Nicolette!  Any day now and it can't come soon enough!!!!

Happy 4th of July everyone!!!  Hope to have our own little Firework soon!!!!

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