Friday, October 5, 2012

The end of "the fourth trimester"

That's right!  Today is Nicolette's 3 Month Birthday!  The official end of the "fourth trimester"

We've had an AWESOME 3 months and feel SOOOOO very blessed with Baby Nicolette.  She is such a good baby that I sometimes can't believe this is my real life!  I absolutely love watching her discover things...the simplest things like how she'll stare in wonderment at her hands as she rubs them together makes me so happy.  She nearly sleeps through the night - waking to eat once or twice...but since we co-sleep and breastfeed that's super easy to handle quickly.  Other than that she's such an easy going baby...little fusses here and there but we're usually able to "cure" them quickly!

This month we'll take our first family trip - we're heading to the beach (Hilton Head) for a few days with daddy so that will be lots of fun!   Suggestions on what to pack (and what to leave behind) are greatly appreciated!  It's a short trip...only 4 days but we're excited about it.

Kind of happy...

Very serious...

Photo shoot is officially OVER!
(She stopped crying seconds after this photo...
I feel like a mean mommy for wanting to capture a pic of her crying)

We finally got Ele monogrammed!
Thank you Auntie Heather for the awesome gift!

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