Thursday, December 6, 2012

4 Month Recap

Month 4 was a total many changes and I think the beginning of teething (ick).  A necessary evil I guess.    

We made our first visit to meet the Randazzo Family in Connecticut for Thanksgiving.  We stayed with Gram and Papa and Nicolette was such a good girl!!  Gram & Papa couldn't believe that she didn't cry or fuss one time for the first 3 days that we were there...then the teething pain started and we had little fussies for a couple of days...nothing too traumatic but Nicolette has never been a fussy baby so it was an adjustment for us and I just felt awful for her.  She'd wince and scrunch her little face up and grab the back of her head or her ears and then crunch her little body up.  It's pitiful.  At first I was worried that she had an ear infection but after reviewing ear infection symptoms and noting that she has not had a cold or anything leading up to this behavior I feel sure that she doesn't .  The ear grabbing is VERY intermittent.  We'll go days without it and the doc said that if it were an ear infection it would be consistent and persistent.  

with Gram & Papa Randazzo
3 Generations - Dave, Nick (Papa) & Nicolette
with Papa Randazzo
with Cousin Kyra - she LOOOOVES Nicolette
Some of the cousins
with Uncle Nick
Playing with Daddy at Gram & Papa's
Entertaining all of my relatives is exhausting work
There aren't many baby pictures of the Italian (we have NONE at our house) but I was able to take a pic of his 1 year picture that is still hanging on the wall in his parent's home.  I think I see a lot of similarities between daddy and Nicolette...  
The Italian - 1 year old
Nicolette found her feet right at 4 months and her toes found her mouth (and nose) at 4 1/2 months!

Nicolette started sitting unassisted for minutes at a time on December 2nd.   Sunday morning I would set her up to see if she could balance and she would immediately topple over.  Then that same afternoon I sat her up just to see if she could balance for a couple of seconds and she sat for about 3 minutes just playing with her toy as if she'd been doing this all along!!!!  I was shouting frantically for the Italian to come in and watch her and N managed to keep her balance through all of that excitement.

She started reaching out both arms to mommy to pick her up and hold her on December 3rd.  She was sitting in her little Boppy on the floor and I walked over to her and put my arms out and said, "Can Mommy pick you up" and out came her sweet little arms and she looked up at me to pick her up.  (sigh) This was my favorite milestone...such a sweet girl.

Another great milestone that we reached is taking naps somewhere besides ON MOMMY!  I still hold her and cuddle for some naps cause I love it, but it is nice to know that she can sleep elsewhere.  I've been careful not to worry about creating a perfectly quiet environment for her to sleep in because I still want her to be able to konk out and crash if we're out and about.  She takes about 3 naps per day now at least 2 1 hour+ naps and then 1 (sometimes 2) 20-30 minute cat naps).    

So that sums up month 4...looking forward to seeing what month 5 brings!!! 

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