Wednesday, February 6, 2013

7 Months Old!!!! (and crawling, kind of)

Yesterday was Nicolette's 7 month Birthversary!  Pictures were next to impossible because this girl is ready to CRAWL.  As soon as I set her down she pulls forward onto all fours (pretty dangerous in the glider I usually take her pictures in each month).  And it was hard to get a smile because she was irritated that I wasn't letting her pull forward on to her tummy.  She's such a big girl!

At 7 months old Nicolette is starting to crawl, loves avocados, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, acorn squash, oatmeal fingers (with flax and chia), scrambled egg yolk, and steamed kale.  She wasn't totally wild about green beans, didn't hate them though.  And she wasn't too excited about banana either (we were surprised on that one and will have to try more fruits this month).  She loves blowing raspberries and is making more consonant sounds and babbling.  Her favorite word to say is "agua"....who knew that Nicolette would already be bilingual?  ;-)

February will be a fun month!  Nicolette has a few birthday parties to go to this month...she's quite the socialite!  And I'm off to chase this baby who is scooching around the house...bye!!!!

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