Friday, February 13, 2015

Walker is 6 Months Old!

6 month old Walker is such a happy little fella! He's had a big month. He got 2 teeth, started pushing up on all fours and rocking and said his first word "dada". He rolls faster than I can keep up and will go from being flat on his tummy to jumping his knees into a crawling position in no time. Walker loves cuddling with his loveys at bed and nap time and is still all around a happy little dude…UNLESS you take a toy away while he's holding it. That does not make him happy…AT ALL. Otherwise he is so easy going. Basically all you have to do is look at him and he will break into a huge toothy grin. He really only cries if he is tired, hungry or has a poopy diaper. He cannot stand to have a poop in his diaper and expects…no demands to be changed immediately. He will only really sleep in his crib so we've been on lockdown for several months now. Really only leaving the house if and when we have to (i.e. preschool drop off/pick up for Nicolette, grocery shopping, etc). He's gradually starting to stay awake longer in between naps so hopefully we'll get out and about soon. Up until this week he was only able to stay awake a maximum of an hour and a half in between naps but now he's inched his way closer to 2 hours in between naps. He takes 3 naps a day and pretty much sleeps through the night. Many nights he'll wake up once, maybe around 3/4am but I just go and nurse him and he's usually back to sleep within 15 minutes so I really can't complain about that. Walker and Nicolette are starting to interact more. He stares so intently at her when she talks to him. She makes him laugh and smile and it absolutely melts my heart. I still tandem nurse them every once in a while and they like to hold hands and giggle when I do that. I could just die thinking about when that will stop. They are just so precious.

Here are a bunch of photos of Walker over the past few months. I'm realizing that I really enjoy going back and reading my old posts from Nicolette at this age so I really want to do a better job of documenting this time with Walker as well. And I want to continue to document Nicolette's time too. There are so many little things that I had forgotten that bring me so much joy when I read about them and remember and relive them all over again. I am so, so, so, so blessed to be entrusted with these two amazing and precious children. My cup runneth over.

5 months - playing
5 months - rolling under furniture
5 months - sliding backwards under furniture
5 months - so happy with his loveys 

obsessed with the loveys! 
all the loveys!
5 months - first time sitting up in the shopping cart!
5 months - first time sitting up in the bathtub 

5 months - playing with Nicolette's glasses

4 months - finding my feet!
4 month smiles 
4 months sitting up
4 months playing the piano
5 months - up on all fours! 
5 months with buddy Jack!
5 month playdate with the boyz! 
Silhouette - but all his hair fell out right after this

4 months - sweet smiles

4 months with Santa 

4 months with mommy
Sweet baby sucking on his fingers
this phase only lasted 2 days

4 month check up at the doctor!
4 months - Whoa! I'm sitting up! 

4 months
4 months
4 months
4 months
4 month baby playdate 
4 months with Grant & Trey

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