Tuesday, March 12, 2013

8 Month Birthversary (mommy's late with her pictures)

Nicolette turned 8 months old last week and mommy had a hard time with it.  Time is going much to quickly!

Nicolette's 7th month was a busy one, she started saying "mama",  got her first tooth and started crawling (BOTH on February 6th, one day after her 7 month birthversary!)  So I've been busy chasing my little peanut around!

Here are a few pictures from our 8 month photoshoot...(sorry for being a little photo crazy...I can't help myself!

The official photo
Standing up now in the glider...that's safe, right?   
"I'm gonna get you Elli!"
Debating her escape
Curtains are fun!
And I love this series of photos where she spots mommy and comes crawling over as fast as she can.  Melts my heart!

Look at that sweet toof!
"Hi Mommy!"  I got you!!!!"

Mommy's view...beautiful!
Soooooo happy!

When did she get to be such a big girl?????

sniff, sniff


  1. Such sweet pictures! She is getting so grown up!

  2. I love seeing her personality in these pics!!