Monday, March 11, 2013

Never say Never

Oh being a mother has brought such wonderful, new experiences my way.  There are quite a few things I "never" thought I would do before sweet Nicolette:
  1. Lick my finger and use it to wipe something off of my baby's face (do it daily now)
  2. Use my sleeve (or bare hand) to wipe snot from my baby's nose when I don't have a tissue handy
  3. Drive around aimlessly or sit in parking lots (or our garage) with a sleeping baby in the car
  4. Bring my baby into bed with us to sleep on a "regular basis" (but only if you consider every night a regular basis) 
  5. Thoroughly examine poopy diapers (Is that avocado?  I think I see sweet potatoes!)
  6. Anxiously and excitedly await aforementioned poopy diapers
  7. Suck snot out of my baby's nose with my mouth (not as gross as it sounds...check out - it totally works and is way better than the bulb syringe.  I highly recommend it!)
  8. Squirt breastmilk up my baby's nose (don't laugh - it honestly helps with congestion/runny nose)
  9. Pray for my baby to sleep and then sit around wishing she was awake so that we could play
  10. Pray for my baby to sleep and then spend her entire nap time flipping through pictures and videos of her on my phone
  11. Be the mom who is late for everything (I used to be known for being 15 minutes or even more EARLY for I'm struggling to get places 15 minutes late!)
I'm sure there will be more and more to add to this list as the days, months and years pass and I'll love every minute of it!  


  1. I love this post. Everything you wrote is SO true! I was the same before I had kids. My big one was that I would not bribe my kids, that they would sit still and be little angels. Ha! I bribe them with Cheddar Bunnies and Fruit Bunnies all the time! Oh, I was also not going to have that child who screamed while we were eating out. That totally backfired on me. :)

    1. I don't think there is anyway to avoid bribing your kids at some point. And I'm NOT looking forward to the screaming at a restaurant phase! Luckily we don't get out to eat much...