Sunday, July 7, 2013

12 Month Birthversary - otherwise known as 1st Birthday

July 5th was Nicolette's 1st birthday and she decided to celebrate by sleeping in past 8:00am!  Mommy & Daddy were waiting downstairs patiently for the princess to wake up and as soon as she did we both ran upstairs so that we could wish her a happy birthday together!

Happy baby!
After nursing and breakfast mommy had to hurry and get her into position for her monthly pics so that I could print one out for her birthday party.  I didn't want to cheat and take the picture before her actual birthday so I was definitely doing this at the last minute!  Getting her to even look at the camera was a challenge, not to mention getting her to sit still, leave the sticker on her shirt, face forward and God forbid I hope for a smile!  She's got too much to do to waste time sitting around posing for pictures!

"Seriously mom... "
"OK - I'll give you HALF a grin"

Happy birthday sweet girl!

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