Friday, September 6, 2013

Menu Planning Challenge

So the Italian and I don't eat out or get take out very often (#toocheap)...we eat out or get take out maybe once a month and for the first time today I decide to menu plan our breakfasts, lunches and dinners for the week. While doing so, I realized that I am totally stuck in a cooking rut. I love to cook but have gotten stuck cooking the same 5 or 6 dinners every, single week. I don't mind eating the same breakfasts and lunches over and over again but I'd really like to mix up our dinners so I'm challenging least 1 new recipe per week. I'm going to TRY (no promises) to document our journey in order to hold myself accountable and I'd love to get ideas on recipes to try from any of you! Looking for yummy, not too complicated, not 100 ingredient recipes and as little to no dairy as possible to try each week so please, please, please feel free to post your recipe in the comments section and I hope to give it a try soon!


  1. Pinterest has been a key place for me to find meal ideas. While Rob is deployed, I am trying my hardest to find some creative meals to make when he gets home, I don't cook much now. I find that you can put almost anything in the slow cooker to make life a little easier.

  2. I feel like I am in a cooking rut also. My older Son, Carson, is gluten and dairy free so I have a ton of recipes. If you will let me know what you prefer as far as foods I will be glad to add some recipes on here for you. I know that you are focusing more on dairy and I have a lot of those too!