Friday, August 23, 2013

Nicolette is 13 months old! (and I AM a horrible blogger)

I use the term "blogger" loosely for sure.  I started this little blog as a way to journal my thoughts and feelings as we struggled through infertility.  Once we "conquered" infertility I thought I would use it as a digital baby book of sorts...a way to keep track of little moments, or thoughts and feelings I was having as I learned how to be a mother or to share information that I've found along the way.  Well as I look back over the 13 months and I see that I have only written 51 posts.  What the fudge? I'm terrible at this!

Anyway, today is a new day...maybe I'll keep up, maybe I won't but for today I wanted to talk about my 13 (yes THIRTEEN) month old daughter!!!!

Lots of pool time this month!
Lots of good sleep this month! HOORAY!
I was looking through Nicolette's Baby Book and for the first year it has spaces to summarize every month up until her first birthday.  Then when she turns one it goes to annual summaries.  What the heck? How am I supposed to summarize an entire year on one page? Those baby book people are cray cray! So I'm just going to have to make sure that I remember to do a monthly blog post summarizing each month. It's sad to me to look back and see how many things I was just SURE that I would never forget the date and moment that something happened that have just slipped away from me. I can't remember the date that she first found her hands.  I remember standing in the kitchen and watching her look at them in wonder but honestly cannot remember if she was 4 weeks, 8 weeks or 3 months old. (sad face)

But as a very wise friend told me,  "It isn't capturing the memories that is important, it's LIVING the moments that really counts." And that is true, even though I may never remember exactly how many days old she was when she first stared at her hands as she rubbed them together in wonder I will never forget the look on her face as she carefully wrung them over and over.    

Walking Well
Nicolette has pretty much mastered walking at 13 months.  She is all over the place and hardly crawls anymore (which makes me a little sad...I miss seeing that little diaper booty scooch across the floor).

Sleeping Well
YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY! At 13 months, Nicolette is SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT and doing so CONSISTENTLY!  PRAISE JESUS!!!!  She still takes 2 naps a day 90% of the time.  Usually at 9am and 1:30/2pm.  Her morning nap is almost always an hour and a half but the afternoon nap varies, sometimes 30 minutes sometimes an hour or more.  We've had a couple of days with only one nap and she did really well.  I'm so blessed that she's not overly fussy and is so adaptable!
Obviously sleeping well (smileyface)
Had to sleep without her pj pants the last couple
of nights in CT because of her fever...poor baby
First Big Girl Shoes
We made a trip to a couple of shoe stores to pick out Nicolette's first big girl shoes! Now that she's walking I wanted to have shoes on her feet so that she wasn't walking all over the airport in her bare feet. She got a pair of sneakers, some pink glittery Toms and a pair of Pedipeds. I wasn't going to buy the Toms but as soon as the lady put them on her feet Nicolette looked at them, smiled and started toddling all over the store. She couldn't stop looking at them and smiling...I'm such a sucker. 

4 Top Teeth and 4 Bottom Teeth
Nicolette's upper lateral incisors came in this month.  We didn't have too many symptoms - no runny nose, fever, sleep or appetite changes which was nice! She just started chewing on things that could reach those areas better (i.e. the mallet from her xylophone, her rhythm sticks from her music set, the end of the hammer from her work bench or the handle of nail polish).

Molars on the other hand are a different animal altogether.  I think Nicolette is working on a molar or two now.  It started last week during our visit to Gram and Papa Randazzo's house in Connecticut.  Her sleep was wacky - crazy short naps (20-30 minutes) and she had a high fever (102-103.7) for two days.  She was a little whiny and overall pitiful.  This was similar to when her top central incisors came in back in March. I know that people say that babies don't get fevers when they're teething or don't get higher fevers but Nicolette's doctor says otherwise.  When I took her in March when she had a high fever he said that it was teething, there was no infection and this seems to be the case too. I treated the pain/fever with a little infant ibuprofen and she's pretty much back to normal a few days later.  Still a little fussier than normal but the tooth/teeth hasn't broken through yet so I would imagine that we're in for that until it/they do break through.

Visiting Gram and Papa in Connecticut
Nicolette went on her second plane ride to visit Gram and Papa Randazzo in Connecticut.  She was great on the flight up and had so much fun peeking over the back of our seat and smiling at the guys behind us.  We had a maintenance delay on the way out so ended up getting in past Nicolette's bedtime.  The first night she had trouble going to sleep but I think that was because we rushed her into a strange place and put her in a strange room (even though mommy brought our sound machine and her special blankie and Ellie).  The first full day there she was so excited and walking (practically running) all over the place checking out her new surroundings.  Unfortunately our second day in Connecticut she started teething (molars - looks like the lower and possibly upper right molars).  She spiked a high fever (103.7) and was lethargic and a little whiny/fussy.  She spent a lot of time with Gram and Papa and got to spend a little time with her Aunts and Uncles and cousins. Her sleeping was all off while we were there...short naps, but still sleeping through the night (thank God) I don't know if the wacky sleep was due to being in a strange place or the teeth or both.  Unfortunately while we were there she took a tumble down about 5 (carpeted) stairs. I nearly had a heart attack and still feel terrible about it. I spent a full day questioning whether or not I am fit to be a mother (not exaggerating) and honestly still have moments when I seriously beat myself up...How could I possibly let that happen? The Italian and I were in the kitchen with Gram and Nicolette's 9 year old cousin Kyra.  Neither of us noticed that Kyra and Nicolette had moved to the stairs (about 10-15 feet away).  Nicolette is obsessed with stairs and thinks they are the funnest toy ever so of course she started going up them.  I heard a thud and immediately bolted to see her at the bottom of the stairs doing "the silent cry". Nicolette has never done the silent cry before but I've seen other babies do it. I scooped her up and did everything I could to keep from crying.  She cried for less than a minute and then was wiggling to get out of my arms and saying "s'dat? s'dat?" wanting to check out the candles on Gram's living room table. We both felt terrible but I felt and still feel particularly awful. Other than the fever, the weird sleeping and the falling down the stairs we had a good visit. Gram and Papa commented over and over about what a good and smart baby she is (I happen to agree, of course).
Playing with Daddy on the Plane Ride
Playing Billy Joel on the Piano with Daddy
Playing with Cousin Kyra
With Gram Randazzo
Playing with Papa Randazzo - he was determined to teach her to
count to 5 before we left!
Eating breakfast in her My Little Seat -
so glad we had this since Gram & Papa don't
have a high chair
Who needs toys when you have a tupperware box and some walnuts left over from Christmas? 

Going for a walk with mommy & daddy. First time
using the Boba in the back carry position - she loved it!
Sign Language 
I have not been diligent about teaching Nicolette sign language.  I don't always remember to make the signs every day, I'd say we're about 50/50 for mommy remembering to sign different things to her (oops).  Regardless she has really made progress with her signs.  She has "milk" down pat.  It was a little creepy on the airplane...I was holding her facing me and she totally stared me down and made the milk sign over and over and over again and then she started pulling at my shirt. Alright baby, I get it! She's also really good with the "Eat" sign and "More".  We're still working on "Drink" and "Water" but hoping we get there soon. I started adding in "Please" a couple of weeks ago and she picked it up within a day.  Need to work on "Thank You" and hope she gets that over the next month.

Ellie & Blankie
While we were struggling with sleep issues I desperately tried to get Nicolette attached to a lovey. ANYTHING to help the poor child her soothe herself and feel comfy cozy in her bed by herself.  Well this month she finally started snuggling up to her little "Ellie" the Elephant Lovey (we named her Ellie - she has two Ellies - big Ellie and lil Ellie the Lovey)  It is so precious.  I put her down for naps and bedtime awake and she just lays there looking at me while I gently tuck her in and hand Ellie to her.  She scoops Ellie up with her sweet little arm and cuddles it up to her face.  I love it.  Now...must purchase additional back up Ellie's STAT in case one is lost, dirty or destroyed.  

Nicolette has a new favorite food.  Move over Salmon and Avocados...this girl is definitely Italian and she loves a good pasta meal (you can see photos here).  She honestly eats more pasta than I do and will cry for more.  That's about the only food, food she's crazy about these days.  She has a very light appetite this month...will take a few bites of toast, or fruit or veggies but mostly she just wants to nurse.  I think it may be related to the teething.

Car, Violet, Dolly, Purse...
Nicolette can now identify many of her toys and go get them when I ask her too.  She loves her Cozy Coupe Pink Glitter Car and makes a car sound whenever we talk about it or when she sees it.  She learned that from daddy.  He takes her on rides around the house in it at least once a day and makes the same car sound while she drives. She loves Violet the talking dog and her dolly.  She'll pick them up and hug them and it's so sweet.  She even gave her dolly a kiss the other day.  She has an assortment of purses (of course) and if I ask her to find her wallet, keys, lipstick, money or mirror she can pull the item out and show it to me

Nicolette has started mimicking so many things. It started with picking up a paper towel, towel or kleenex and using it to "clean" (usually the high chair tray). Then she would see me put on lotion and she'd pretend to put lotion on. While we were at the beach she saw me spraying on my Trader Joe's aerosol sunscreen (I put it on in the shower to keep from getting it all over the floor) I looked out through the glass doors and saw her holding her little bottle of bubbles in her hands and "spraying" it all over her body. Also at the beach she was taking her toy lipstick and using it as nail polish to paint Miss Rebecca's toes and then her own toes going back and forth over and over again. Yesterday (9/3) she was feeding her dolly a bottle which is crazy to me because the child never even took a bottle so how she knew to do that is beyond me! It's so cute and makes me even more aware that her tiny little eyes are watching everything I do and everything that those around me do. I want to be the best possible person I can for this little one and want to be careful to surround her with positive role models too.

Yes...we're getting to that point too.  She had her first meltdown at the beach. She was holding onto a tube of Benadryl and I needed to take it back. She squeezed it SO HARD and when I got it from her she promptly sat down, squealed/cried and banged her head on the floor. It was a tile floor so of course it hurt and it left a little scrape on her forehead for the day. Then also at the beach, her buddy Ava was playing with Nicolette's purse. Nicolette went to take it from her and I told her that we needed to give it back because Ava was playing with it first then I handed it back to Ava. Well, Nicolette went full on arched back drama queen and "cried" for about a minute until I distracted her and got her focused on something else. They were mini tantrums but I know we're in store for bigger ones probably sooner than I'd like!

Animal Sounds
She's starting to make animal sounds. The first was Ruff, Ruff, Ruff for a dog.  She'll say it on her own when she sees a real dog or her talking dog Violet. She also started saying "Moo" for cow and yesterday it sounded like she was trying to say "Meow" when she saw our cat-child Sasha.

Jellyfish Sting
While at Seabrook Island for Labor Day weekend we wanted to play in the ocean (big mistake). We had been sitting there for a few minutes when I felt something "stinging" me in a couple of places on my legs. I went to hand Nicolette to the Italian and she started crying. He thought she was just crying because she wanted to be with me but I could tell something was different in her cry. She calmed down after about a minute or two and we continued to play in the water. When we got out I looked at her legs and noticed that the bottom half of her legs were nearly covered with bright red welts/rash. And as we walked back to our towels we saw a jellyfish lying on the beach. She was a total trooper and other than that 1-2 minutes of crying and the inflamed rash on her legs we never would have known that she'd been stung.

The Harmonica
This is the funniest thing...Nicolette has this Melissa and Doug Music set which is awesome.  She loves playing with all of the toys EXCEPT (cue creepy music)...the harmonica.  This instrument strikes fear into the heart of my sweet child.  The Italian discovered this one night while playing with her in her playroom.  He pulled out the harmonica and began to play it and she stopped everything, marched over to him, snatched the harmonica out of his hands and threw it back into the bin with all of the music toys.  He did it with her over and over again and has done so for a couple of weeks.  It cracks us up.  Exact same reaction every time.

The Piggy Bank
Nicolette has a toy piggy bank with coins and this month she mastered putting the plastic coins into the piggy bank slot.  She could literally sit there for an hour putting coins into the bank over and over and over again. Might we have a potential investment banker on our hands?  We'll see!


In other news, we have an ongoing debate about whether or not we should try to add another kiddo to our happy little family. Life feels so wonderful right now...I can't imagine it getting any better but love the thought of her having a sibling. We'll see and will make a decision after much prayer and soul searching.


  1. She is getting so big! What cute pictures! Don't feel bad about the stairs. Evan climbed into Carson's booster seat at the table and fell off face first into our ceramic tile. He now has a busted, swollen lip and for some reason some swelling on the left side of his chest. SO we are going to see Chris Jenny today! LOL. You can't watch them every second. I was actually getting something out of the fridge and heard him fall. Our little one is a climber. At 20 months old he is coming out of the crib. His toddler bed just arrived. Fingers crossed that Miss Nicolette waits a while to figure that one out. She is adorable! I love reading the updates!

    1. OUCH! So sorry your little one took such a tumble! I sure hope your adrenaline junkie stays healthy!

  2. To see you babies bond with each other is beyond amazing. I've always heard parents say that they love each of their children equally. I thought that was a lie and that is what parents are supposed to say. I love my daughter more than words and I couldn't imagine bring able to do that AND love another child the same amount. Then my son was born. Seeing him for the first time made me realize that your heart can love an immeasurable amount. I say go for it and have another miracle!! It will also help you realize that you are an amazing mom...even if your baby falls down a couple of stairs! That's what babies do...they give their parents many many heart attacks! I had a horrible mother and was so afraid I would be horrible too. I questioned everything I did and was so critical of my actions. I was told that good mothers will always question their parenting because they care that much that pride never gets in the way. Have some faith in yourself. You are doing an amazing job!