Monday, August 11, 2014

Happy due date to us!

So today is August 11th, Walker's official due date and so far not even an inkling that this little guy has any plans of meeting us anytime soon! I felt more like I was going to have a baby 3 weeks ago than I do today. If his behavior in utero is any indication of his personality  once he gets here then we're in for it because this little guy is a TEASE! I started having timeable contractions 3 to 4 weeks ago and had them almost every other day. Sometimes getting as close together as 5 minutes with the contractions lasting for right around a minute and that pattern would last for anywhere from 1 to 4 hours! That combined with the fact that Nicolette came 6 days early made me feel sure that Walker would be here early too. But now that we've gotten closer, the contractions have pretty much stopped and he seems to have totally hunkered down showing no intention of evacuating any time soon. While I'm impatient and want to meet him I'm thankful that I'm not uncomfortable (anymore) and am trying to remember to focus on savoring each wiggle, roll and kick especially since this will be the last baby for the Randazzo family. Someday in a few weeks, months or years I will yearn for the feeling of baby kicks and hiccups inside my tummy so I will not wish this time away.

And here are some photos from the sprinkle that my girlfriends hosted for Walker and his soon to be buddies Aubrey and Jack!

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