Monday, August 11, 2014

Nicolette's 2nd Birthday

Nicolette's 2nd birthday was a perfect family day. We didn't have anything fancy planned and just hung out with the 3 of us! When she woke up she go her presents downstairs…we bought her a balance bike and a helmet and right away she said "BICYCLE"! So I guess it was a "hit"!

Then we had a nice visit from one of Nicolette's besties, Ava, her brother Nolan and her mommy and Gramma Kat.

Giving Nolan kisses and hugs was probably the highlight of her day!

After nap, Nicolette and I made cupcakes and she was all about helping….until I turned the mixer on. She wasn't a huge fan of the mixer!

We let Nicolette pick what she wanted for dinner so we ended up grilling hamburgers and had cucumber salad (cucumbers are her FAVORITE).  

And she went to bed a VERY happy little girl!

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