Sunday, February 26, 2012

It's A Girl!!!!!!

So yesterday was the BIG Gender Reveal soiree for Baby Randazzler.  One of my dearest friends Janie came into town for the weekend and God bless her I put her to work the entire time!  We spent Friday night decorating and Saturday setting up and baking some killer Pepperoni Rolls for the get together.  My awesome and uber talented cake baker and friend, Jill Delmastro brought the cake to our house at 11:30 - so Janie and I were doing everything we could to stay busy and resist temptation to go over and poke into it to reveal the secret!!!!  (You can visit Jill's website HERE).

So we went with a "Bun in the Oven" Theme and Jill created the most adorable cake!

We kept the decor equally pink and blue so that both were represented.  Janie and I had quite a time hanging these lanterns in our dining room.  It took a few different methods to get them up (and to STAY up) :)

Thank God for my parents who came over early to help us pull together all the "last minute" details.  While the morning crept by at a snail's pace, the time between 1:30 and 2pm (when guests were supposed to start arriving) absolutely FLEW by!!!  One minute there were 6 of us and literally 15 minutes later there were nearly 50!!!!

Here are a few more pics from the actual cake cutting - I'm still in disbelief!  Had to double check the cake crumbs this morning to make sure they were REALLY pink!!!! :)

We asked everyone to wear either pink or blue to cast their vote/guess for Baby Randazzler.  Daddy was set on pink from day #1 and I wanted to support our potential son so wore blue.  Obviously, Daddy was right on this one.

Here we go...

 It's PINK!!!!!

The proud grandparents (my parents) BOTH on team pink (dad sat on the fence and claimed his blue jeans were "blue" so that he would win either way).  Grandma & Grandpa Randazzo live in Connecticut so they were unable to be here.  

It's really pink!!!!

Team Randazzo - even though mommy picked the wrong color to wear :)

Thank goodness for years in the wedding and catering business.  Janie & I were able to knock out slicing the cake pretty quickly!  :)  And it was DELICIOUS!!!!  It's rare to find pastry chefs whose cakes TASTE as great as they look!  Kudos again to Jill Delmastro!

We felt so honored and blessed to share this special celebration with so many of our dear friends and family!  I have honestly never felt so loved and Baby Girl Randazzo is certainly one lucky chick-a-dee to have so many awesome aunties and uncles (and grandparents) to love her up!  I thank God for each and every one of you and pray for blessing upon blessing for each of you!

And I am especially thankful for Kristin Vining - one of the most talented photographers I know - who offered to grab my camera and take these pictures so that we have the memories forever!!!! THANK YOU!!!!  I was so GRATEFUL to see all of the gorgeous shots when I picked my camera up last night!  :)  xo


  1. So happy to Hear the news congratulations. So great to add another girl to the Family. I love Aunt Kelly's shirt even if it was the wrong color.
    From Kyle

  2. The excitement just keeps building! So happy for you. (Little girls really ARE more fun to dress. :-P )