Wednesday, February 15, 2012

HDBD - 19 weeks

That's right!  Today is Hump Day, Bump Day!  We're officially at 19 weeks (almost 1/2 way through, can you believe it????) and for those who read my post yesterday we are BOTH doing great!!!! Our anatomy scan ultrasound was absolutely amazing!!!  I can't believe that there is a little, tiny person inside there!  I'm feeling large and in charge, but I know that this is NOTHING compared to what is to come over the next 20 weeks! 

We're still holding out on the gender.  I have the results sealed in an envelope to give to the uber talented Jill DelMastro ( today!  She'll be baking our cake with either PINK or BLUE inside and we can NOT wait to see what it is!!! 

Dave is still holding firm with his guess of It's A be honest, I kind of feel girl too, but am saying boy because if it is a boy I would be equally thrilled - so we have one of us on each side of the vote!  I'm curious to hear other people's guesses too!  Our guests will be dressed in pink or blue to cast their vote so it will be exciting to see who's right and who's wrong!  Either way - there are no losers in this game! 

On another note, I was doing my prenatal yoga this morning and just started crying - not sad crying at all, definitely happy tears.  I can't believe how unbelievably grateful we are for where we are in this process right now!  Thanks be to God for all of His wonderful blessings!!!!

Happy Hump Day friends!!!!  xoxo

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