Wednesday, March 28, 2012

HDBD - 25 weeks

25 WEEKS!!!!!

That means only 15 weeks or so until our precious little Nicolette arrives!  I can NOT believe it!!!!  Time is REALLY starting to FLY by!  We've had a busy week this week and I have a feeling that things are only going to be getting busier and busier. 

Daddy painted the nursery this week and will be putting up crown moulding in her room over the next week or two.  After that we need to pick out a chandelier (every little girl needs some *bling* in her room) and purchase some of the nursery furniture.  We're considering re-carpeting the upstairs so if we decide to do that we'll probably do so before we get the furniture. 

I'm surprised at how calm I am considering that I have not purchased ONE THING for baby Nicolette (- ok that's not totally true.  The night we found out she was a "she" I bought a bib that says "Daddy's Little Princess" - but that is TRULY the only thing that I've purchased.)  For those who don't know me this is NOT how I usually operate.  I would normally have an entire spreadsheet devoted to what we're going to purchase and when including the price, where we're purchasing it from and where it will be stored until we're ready to set it up and it's final resting place.  YES, I am aware that this is totally annoying but that's how I roll...normally.  (God bless my husband for being able to stay married to me through this annoying way of life and God bless my coworkers who also have to deal with new spreadsheets created to analyze every possible scenario).  Anyway, for some reason I don't feel my usual compulsive need to make endless lists and obsess over every detail - hopefully this is preparation for motherhood and me starting to realize that "I can't control EVERYTHING", "I don't need to control EVERYTHING", "Even if EVERYTHING isn't done before she gets here, it will in fact be DONE when it needs to be done." and "If I do try to control everything I will surely be disappointed because it is guaranteed NOT to go the way I plan." 

I went for the tour at the Pediatrician's office last night and really LOVED the doctors we met with.  Very nice and friendly and seem very easy to work with.  I have a feeling that we will be spending A LOT of time there over the next few years. 

This week I had a few pregnancy moments that I haven't yet experienced.  Monday I felt like my lungs were squished and that I couldn't catch a full breath.  So I was out of breath all day and just constantly trying to take quick little breaths.  I also felt crazy hungry but when I would start to eat I felt like there was no room in my body for the food to go so I couldn't eat much.  Now I've heard friends talk about this, but I always thought that these "side effects" crept up later in preganancy.  Luckily it was only Monday and by Tuesday I was breathing normally once again.  Then I had my first encounter with what is known as Round Ligament Pain Monday night and all day Tuesday.  I started out for a walk after work and on the latter half of the walk all of the sudden my hip flexors started to get insanely tight.  For any of my running friends out there if you've ever had tight hip flexors and it feels like it's on the verge of "popping" - that is what it felt like.  You know that intense pain right before a joint or something pops - well that was it, only there was no popping just the pain which caused me to waddle - yes WADDLE LIKE A DUCK for 36 hours.  If I stood up too quickly getting out of bed, out of the car or at work I would feel almost a stabbing pain and I'd have to bite my tongue to keep from shouting and then that would make myself laugh which again invoked more stabbing pain.  Yesterday was interesting to say the least.  Weird thing is that I woke up this morning and felt totally fine.  No more waddling for me (YET - I'm sure that will change soon).

And I'm convinced that Nicolette is going to be a Rockette - good Lord she's got some powerful KICKS.  I was standing up talking to a co worker yesterday and one of the guys at work who was walking by stopped and said, "Oh my gosh!  Did your baby just move???"  I said yes that she'd been a little hyper active and he said, "I saw it, I saw it!".  Oh boys - they are so funny.  :) 

Still no serious cravings or anything crazy popping up with the appetite.  I've craved sugary treats a little more than usual over the past week but not anything totally out of the ordinary.  She still loves fruit and veggies!  And fresh strawberries with Nutella is a dessert favorite of hers (and daddy's too) :) 

And I'm finally into Maternity Clothes for work.  The regular work attire was NOT cutting it anymore.  For any mommies to be out there, you should totally look into ebay when looking for clothing.  I've ordered several work dresses that are all NEW WITH TAGS and would normally sell for $70 - $150 for $30 or less from ebay.  I've found that sizing is still pretty consistent with what I would normally wear, just with a big old bump in the front!  :)  I will say that Old Navy stuff is NOT working for me.  Darn shame - that stuff is priced RIGHT! 

So here's today's "bump" picture - 25 weeks and counting!!!! 

Thanks for continued thoughts and prayers! 
Much love to all of our friends & family who have been so very supportive!  xoxo

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