Wednesday, April 4, 2012

HDBD ~ 26 weeks

Wowzers!  26 weeks and time is FLYING by faster than I can keep track!  Nicolette is growing, growing, growing (and so am I...OBVIOUSLY - see below).  So far we're feeling pretty good...only thing is that I'm a little worried about my blood pressure...I had another incident the other morning where I almost passed out.  This time while walking Chance in the morning before work.  eek!  I managed to stumble across the street and land on all fours in someone's drive way and then took a minute to collect myself and picked myself up to walk back home.  I sat for a little bit and was then totally fine.  I had eaten breakfast before my walk and was feeling just dandy when we headed out until all of the sudden I totally was NOT.  I can't think of anything else to relate to other than my BP.  My BP was 80/50 at my last appt and the Doc and Nurses all say that that is GOOD. 

Has anyone else had blood pressure issues or fainting spells while preggers?  I haven't passed out yet, but have felt on the very brink of it several times.  I called the Doctor's office and their wise advice is just not to stand up so much.  Hmmmm - sounds brilliant right?  And oh so practical.  Whatevs.  Other than that, I feel totally fine so I guess I'll just continue to keep my phone with me and hope I don't need it! 

Here's one thing I'm VERY excited about!  Nicolette's first CHEERLEADING UNIFORMS!!!!!  The Panthers had a clearance sale on these little gems (probably related to the new logo that's being rolled out and the switchover from Reebok to Nike sponsorship for the NFL).  Anyway, they didn't have any little infant uniforms, but I did snag an 18 month and a 24 month outfit for her :)  My girl HAS to promote her Panther Pride! :) 


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  1. i had very low bp my whole pregnancy and especially in labor, it was tiring but its way better to have low than high!