Friday, October 21, 2011

ICLW Round #2

There's a lovely little weekly occurrence in the infertility blogosphere called ICLW.  This monthly phenomenon was created by the Stirrup Queen.  She's a pretty cool chick and an absolutely amazing writer.  This is my second ICLW journey and I'm looking forward to reading more new blogs and hopefully having some new readers here as well.  With ICLW you basically commit to reading and commenting on each other's blogs - it's all about spreading the love, which I love!  So a little about blogging journey began here.  I try to keep things real, but light but every once in a while the Princess of Darkness makes an unwelcome appearance. 

Where I am now: 
We're 1-3 days away from our Embryo Transfer and I'm proud to say that I took my first Progesterone shot tonight like a CHAMP!  I watched a few videos on youtube and made the Italian watch the one from Freedom Med Teach as well as one youtube video that showed a hubby giving his wife the injection.  I'm glad I watched several videos because I got a different tip from each one.  I'll share a few in case there are any reading this who are apporaching progesterone shot time:

1.  The shot is much higher on the rear end than I originally thought.  It seems more like your hip area. 
2.  Count to 20 while injecting the oil so that it's injected's very thick. 
3.  I honestly barely felt the needle - the weird thing is feeling the oil creep in to your muscle.  Not painful, just plain weird.
4.  You should massage the injection area for 1-2 minutes afterwards to hopefully prevent little knots from forming (which will make future injections difficult).
5.  I read NOT to ice the area beforehand - the article I read said that it makes it more difficult for the muscle to absorb the oil, so I didn't ice and I'm feeling a-ok. 
6.  As the oil was going in it felt like a little dull pain, almost like when you have sore glutes a day or two after doing a lot of squats.
7.  About 5 minutes later I felt like I had a charlie horse in my bootie...very weird...again, I wouldn't say "painful" just crampy and sudden.  I'm sitting on a heating pad now (about 45 minutes later and it's pretty much gone).
8.  If your doc offers to draw a circle where you should inject take them up on it.  The Italian did fine tonight, but I'll have to do some by myself over the next couple of weeks and I think it might make me feel better to see the spot while I'm trying to twist around and look at it in the mirror while I take my bootie shot. 

So short story long, Progesterone ain't so bad.  I got myself WAY too worked up over it.  I think I'll have no problem giving them to myself while the Italian's traveling for work. 

We'll get a call tomorrow letting us know how many of our 10 embryos are still hanging in there...we're praying for as many as possible and at as GREAT quality as possibility.  The more we have at higher quality then the more likely we will be able to hold off for Day 5 Bastocyst transfer (Monday).  Either way, we'll be grateful for whatever hand we're dealt!  Saying lots of prayers tonight! 

Blessings to all! 


  1. Nice job on the shots! You should write a book when this journey is complete. Nevermind, you won't have time. Too many diapers to change :)

  2. Impressive with the shots! I giggle every time you reference The Italian.

  3. Thank you for the tips! I'm totally bookmarking this entry. :D

  4. Good luck, and I love the way you described ICLW there!

  5. Happy ICLW!

    Congrats on your awesome embies! I pray that they keep growing and growing and growing! You are brave to attempt the shots yourself! I am gearing up for a FET with adopted embies in January/February and I am already stressed about possibly having to give myself PIO shots... Oh, the things we do in search of our dreams... :)