Friday, September 28, 2012

12 Weeks Today

Today is Nicolette's 12 week birthday!  We celebrated at a baby shower for yet another one of Nicolette's future boyfriends :)

Mommy & Nicolette all ready for the party
I just have to brag some more about what a wonderful baby Nicolette is.  She really is a dream come true.  We had a very difficult and emotional week with the passing of our sweet, precious dog-child Chance and Nicolette was so sweet, loving and not a bit fussy.  She cheered us up by flashing her beautiful smile exactly when we needed it most.  This week has been hard, harder than I could have imagined but having Nicolette here with us has made us both feel so much better.  She really is my dream baby.

Playtime with Daddy...
"What's that you say Daddy?"
"Oh Daddy, you're so silly..."
"Hi Mommy!"
Watching some TV with Daddy...

Nicolette is really going to town on her hands...sometimes she'll get both hands in her mouth at the same time.  I miss the days when hands in mouth automatically meant that she was hungry.  Now it could mean she's hungry, or that she's tired, or that she just wants to have her hands in her mouth (she still won't take a paci so for now I guess the hands are the pacifier).

Our nursing sessions are much shorter now.  It used to take 30-45 minutes to nurse and now sometimes sessions are as short as five minutes but more often are 10-15 minutes.  I guess Nicolette and I are both getting more efficient.  She feeds every 2-2 1/2 hours during the day and every 5-6 hours at night.  I'm still pumping but only once a day and I get about 8 ounces each day.  I gave up on trying the bottle with Nicolette so I currently have about 800 ounces of breastmilk in my freezer.  I was lucky to find some mommies who are in desperate need of breastmilk donations for various reasons so will be getting rid of most of the "stash" over the next couple of weeks.  I plan to still keep a smaller stash and still pump once a day.  If I start to accumulate too much I'll donate again otherwise we'll save it for when Nicolette starts on solids and we'll mix it in with that.  I've been reading about introducing solids and I think I'm going to skip cereal since it has little to no nutritional value.  One of my favorite pediatricians, Dr. Alan Greene, has resolved to get rice cereal out of babies’ diets for good!  His campaign is called “WhiteOut Now” and you can learn much more about it here.  You can also follow Dr. Greene’s efforts to get the WhiteOut of babies’ diets on Facebook here.

Here's an interesting section from Dr. Greene's website:  

Let every child’s first food be a real food

It’s no wonder kids are hooked on junk food. For the past 50 years the majority of babies in the United States have been given white rice cereal for their very first bite of solid food. We call it cereal, but it’s processed white flour with added iron. It’s a refined carb babies don’t need, and there are better ways for baby to get iron than by adding it to junk food

White rice cereal is the number one source of food calories for most babies until about 11 months old.

Let’s reverse a half century of habit. Let Kids’ first bite be real food – such as mashed avocado, banana, sweet potato, or whole grains (like whole oats or brown rice). There’s no good reason not to. They won’t mind at all. They’ll thank you.

Next week is a BIG week...Nicolette's 3 Month Birthday - the official end of the "fourth trimester".  

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  1. I agree on the no cereal for babies. It will make them go longer between feedings, but that is because they can't digest grains very well. We did veggies, egg yoke, and fruits until our daughter could do finger foods. Our 2nd child (6 months now) only likes things that he can chew. He spits out anything pureed. His favorite food is soft bits of meat. Chicken, steak, ground beef, pork chops all just mashed a bit.

    I have been reading about grains and lectins. My understanding is that lectins are mild poisons that some of our foods contain in quantities high enough to make us unhealthy. They contribute to a lot of health issues after long periods of eating them. I was not feeling sick, but I went off all grain and beans and reduced uncultured dairy for 8 weeks to let my digestive system heal. What did I eat? Meat, eggs, veggies, fruit, roots like potatoes or carrots, nuts, eggs, coconut oil, almond flour, almond butter, yogurt and cheese. Everything is full fat. I did this as a test. This week I had 2 biscuits and 24 hours later I had mild irritable bowl symptoms. So for now I am eating about 90% free of grain, bean and uncultured dairy and I look and feel great. Ihat is the same kind of logic as the baby food.