Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My girls' got some lungs on her!

Nicolette's 2 month check up was today which coincided perfectly with what should have been her nap time.  I managed to hold off the screaming through the 15 minute wait in the waiting room, through the measuring, weighing and all that jazz until it was time to lay her down for the actual exam with the doctor.  As soon as she was laid on the table the wailing started.  Have I managed that Nicolette screams to high Heavens now when it is time for her to go to sleep?  It's loads of fun.  So the first words out of the doc's mouth were, "Well, she's got healthy lungs!".  Yes, indeed she does.  Nicolette doesn't cry often but when she does, there's no missing it!  We had a play date at a friends house last week and her son is 2 weeks younger than Nicolette.  He started to cry and I was amazed...he was SO quiet compared to Nicolette.

Other than the trauma of missing nap time, we escaped unscathed.  Nicolette now weighs 10lbs, 13.5oz and is 23 1/4" tall.  She's long and lean at 29th percentile for weight and 75th percentile for height.  The doc feels that she's gaining weight appropriately and I now have permission to let her start sleeping through the night...Praise the Lord!  I've felt so guilty for waking her up every night when she looks like she's sleeping so peacefully!

Speaking of sleeping - she was definitely ready for a nap when we got home at the end of the day and daddy was more than happy to walk her to sleep (we call it walk her to sleep because she doesn't really care for rocking or anything that involves us sitting down at all when she's sleepy...she wants to walk).  Then they enjoyed a nice little cat nap!

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