Wednesday, September 5, 2012

2 Months Old Today!!!!

Nicolette is 2 months old today!!!
I'm 2 months old!  And so is my elephant!
This month she grew out of Newborn sized diapers into Size 1's.  She still wears mostly newborn clothes though.  Some of her onesies are getting tight but most of the 0-3 and 3 month clothes are still too big so we have some wardrobe challenges.

Happy to be 2 months old!
This month Nicolette started focusing on things - she loves the bears above her bassinet, the lights and toys on her bouncy seat and ceiling fans.  She also enjoys looking at herself in the mirror.  She doesn't like to laydown and be held much she'd much rather be held upright so that she can look around over my shoulder.

This month Nicolette decided that she would fight sleep (fun).  She has decided that there must be much more exciting things taking place and she struggles so hard to keep her little eyes open.  That girl has some POWERFUL lungs on her but that really is the only time that she cries (when she is sleepy I mean).  Mommy and daddy rock and rock her to get her to fall asleep.  She likes the sound of the exhaust fan on our stove and that sometimes helps.  

Happy girl!
This month Nicolette took a paci/binkie (for 2 minutes).  Still not sure if we want to encourage the binkie usage but that one time it seemed to help her calm down more quickly while trying to fall asleep.  She kicked it out of her mouth before passing out but it still did the trick!

Strong neck!
This month Nicolette spit up for the first time - only 1 spit up so far and that was at 8 weeks.  Wonder how long that will continue???

Strong neck and cute little tushie!  
This month Nicolette has started growing more hair although you can't really see it in pictures because it is still pretty light.  Last night I picked her up after she had been napping with the Italian and the hair on top of her head was all messed up and sticking straight up.  I couldn't believe how much was there!!!  My little girl is growing up so quickly!!!!

Sweet face - I love this baby!!!!!
Nicolette likes to be sung to, but not in the traditional sense.  She could take or leave all of the lullabies and songs that mommy and daddy sing to her.  Instead she likes to make a sound and then mommy will match her pitch and sing random words and sounds on the same note and it makes her smile and smile and smile.  I feel like a total dork but will do pretty much anything to see that smile!  Daddy is so in love with is very sweet to watch them together.  She's definitely going to be a daddy's girl!

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