Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy 6 Month Birthversary Baby!

Today is Nicolette's 6 Month Birthversary!  At 9:20pm, 6 months ago this beautiful little being escaped from my body :)

I am finding that taking pictures of her is getting more and more difficult...Nicolette is almost NEVER still.  You can see from our photo shoot with Ellie the Elephant that she was kind of all over the place.  Nicolette wants to see and touch EVERYTHING!  It's fun to watch her discover "new" things, but the child is doing so at the expense of her naps.  Today she took 3 naps, 1 was close to 45 minutes, 1 was a ere 10-15 minutes and the last was 30 minutes.  Most 6 month olds nap 2-4 hours a day (so I hear)...Nic looks exhausted...keeps rubbing her eyes and is so tired that she can barely sit up on her own but she will NOT stop looking at this normal???  Someone please tell me that it is a (short) phase...She went down for what I thought was the night at 7:40 pm but now at 8:20 she's up looking around everywhere with her super drowsy eyes...she just won't stop.  She's hasn't been crying or fussy today.  Just a little more cuddly than usual and when she's not playing she looks so, so, so, so sleepy.   try to rock her and cuddle and she whines to sit up and look around...what's a mama to do????

We were supposed to try avocado tonight for her first go at "solids" but she looked so tired that I didn't want to go for it just yet.  I thought it would be best to wait until she's alert and happy to try something new.

Anyway here are some highlights of our Birthversary Photo Shoot!

"Hey!  What's on my shirt???"
"I wonder if I can eat it..."
"Hey!  It comes off!!
"I CAN eat it..." 
Rubbing my eyes - "Photo shoots are exhausting."
Chewing on my thumb
Chewing on my toes...
Chewing on my fist... 
Rubbing my eyes...I'm getting sleepy

Tossing Ellie around...
"Don't I know you from somewhere?"
Happy girl!
You'll want to note that this all happened in a matter of less than 5 minutes...she really is nonstop!

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