Friday, January 4, 2013

Play date with Jameson

Nicolette and I LOVE our play dates and we were sooo happy to be able to spend a little quality time with her buddy Jameson and his mommy lil e!  lil e and I used to work together and she was actually supposed to handle most of my job responsibilities once I went out on maternity leave.  She and her husband had been in the process of trying to adopt a baby but up until the very end of my pregnancy she felt pretty sure that they wouldn't get "the call" until much later.  Wouldn't you know that they got that blessed call just 2 short weeks after I delivered Nicolette????  Beautiful Baby J was ready to join their family!

It's fun to have little ones so close in age and they haven't seen each other since they were about a month old (and they both slept through that play date anyway)...I just wish we were able to carve out more time to play together!  

Isn't he a handsome little fella???
They lock eyes...for a moment...
...and Nicolette is back to playing
She makes the first move...she's an aggressive one.
(mommy and daddy are going to have to keep an eye on that) 
Wait!  What's that on his head???
"Don't give up on tummy time yet, Jameson." says Nicolette 
Maybe I'll have some hair someday soon too!  

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