Sunday, January 6, 2013

Project Avocado

Today was THE day!  We finally started little Nicolette on solids...Avocado to be more precise (if you can really call that a "solid").  Mommy and Nicolette went on a search for the perfect ripe, organic avocado yesterday (which is more difficult than I thought...most avocados in the store are either mush or super firm).  Today after church we decided to give it a whirl.  I was told to breastfeed her first and then try the "solids" and to pick a time where she's in a relatively good that's what we did...

Ready for avocados!
Maybe not...
Let me try this again...
I need to think about it a little
I don't think I like it...
Maybe it's not so bad. 
How did I get avocados in my nose?
They're not too bad...not great, but not bad...

I went basic with the recipe.  Just mashed up some Avocados with breastmilk but this website has some interesting recipes to try...maybe we'll give some a whirl this week!


  1. Cute pics! I bet she'll love looking back at these photos of her first foods when she's older!

    1. I hope so!!! She's going to have TONS of pictures to sift through for sure! Mommy takes pictures of EVERYTHING!!!!

  2. What a good idea! I will have to try avocados :) We started Olivia on cereal at 6months...and she HATED it. After a week I started vegies - peas, green beans, carrots, 3 weeks we have tried all these and not found a single one that she likes. She is getting a bit better but she only eats a tiny amount. Hubby (who is a pediatrician) says she doesn't have to eat real food until she is one year old - it's a good thing!

    1. Good luck to you!!! Avocado went over pretty well for us. I also read that you should reintroduce the same food up to 10 times to see if they like it. A lot of times the knee jerk reaction wears off and they actually like the food they once looked like they despised. :)

    2. And I'm glad to hear your Hubby say that real food isn't needed. I believe the same thing Solid food is just for fun in our house until she's 1!