Monday, January 7, 2013

"That girl"...

Today I was "that girl"... the girl I hated (okay so hate is a strong word)...the one who happily strutted into the waiting room at REACH with her adorable little baby in the stroller. "Why is she here?  She already has a baby...isn't one enough?"

Yup, Nicolette and I took a little visit to the REACH office so that I could introduce this sweet thing to the man who helped make her a possibility!  She got to meet the one and only Dr. Katz!  It was really precious to see him with her...he said that she looks like a beautiful little porcelain doll (we hear that a lot...and I happen to agree).  I, of course, made him hold her so that I could take pictures and he was so sweet with her...he rocked her a little bit and said, "I could just keep you!"  He then assured me that he wouldn't :)  He held in front of the fish tank in his office and showed her the fishies swimming around which thoroughly captivated her.

(She was mid-nap when we got there so no smiles from Nicolette during our visit but she didn't cry or fuss a bit...just quietly sat, taking it all in).

Now while I was happy to be "that girl"....I was also incredibly mindful (and almost felt guilty) when I looked at the faces in the waiting room, the woman getting on and off the elevator...the couple waiting in the nurse's office where you talk about finances, the woman waiting behind me to check out.  I remember being that face, that person, sitting there, looking at the woman with the baby wondering if this day would ever come for me....

Thank you Jesus for blessing Dr. Katz with this talent and skill.  What a gift and blessing to be able to help so many people achieve their dream of having a family!


  1. Here's the thing about being "that girl": you used to be in the other side, so you are ALSO prrof positive that your doc makes miracles happen. I was "that girl" at my RE office a few months ago. I took the twins to meet my nurse and RE when they were about 11 weeks old. And now their birth announcement is on the "wall of fame" that i used to look longingly at in the waiting room....

  2. I used to go to REACH. Dr. Wing was my primary there but I saw Dr. Katz a few mornings for Ultrasounds. You are just proof to the others there that dreams do come true. It took us five years to have Carson so I know the procedure there well! Love the pic of her and Dr. Katz!