Friday, September 9, 2011

Fetal Explosion

That's right over the past two months we've dealt with hail, flooding, hurricanes earthquakes and more importantly, there has been a fetal explosion!  I have seriously had no less than 10 friends announce their pregnancies with joy!  (not here obviously, you all would know about that for real).  Now you would think that since my lady parts are busted that this would be a source of misery for me, but it really isn't...honestly...I'm not lying.  I don't completely understand how I am able to compartmentalize things so much.  I honestly feel JOY and EXCITEMENT when I hear the news (I'll probably hear 2 or 3 more over the next few days as well).  I really hope that no one feels the need to tiptoe around me or worry about hurting poor Kelly's feelings because the happiness that I feel when a friend announces her pregnancy only reaffirms my belief that good things happen to good people.  I can't wait to go to Gender Reveal Parties, throw Baby Showers and hold those sweet little bundles once they're here.  God is good and I'm ecstatic to hear that any (or many) of my friends are blessed.  Much love to all the mommies to be - I can't wait to celebrate with you all!!!! 

I'm scrappy and we Randazzo's will work this out.  I'm getting impatient about starting our IVF - ready to get this party started...but first we have to await the arrival of my dear Aunt Flow...who really seems reluctant to visit now that I'm off all of the meds (further evidence of my busted plumbing).  I've been taking OPKs for the past 3 weeks and no smiley face.  I think it's cruel the way they put the negative signs on OPKs and HPTs.  Instead of saying "no" or having that sad little empty circle (if it's positive there is a smiley face) they should make it more like a magic 8 ball with compliments along with the negative response:

You look so pretty, but not in the pregnant glowing way, but still pretty, honest!
You're free to drink!  Break out the vino!
You are fabulous (just not pregnant).  Better luck next time.

And you should be able to shake it and each time you'll get a different version of that answer.  At least there would be some entertainment instead of just seeing that stupid empty circle and slamming it in the trash. 

Anyways, hopefully my long lost relative will visit soon so that we can begin our protocol and hopefully have good news to report in the next month or so!  :) 

Cheers y'all!


  1. Best of luck to you will be praying for positive things to keep happening in you life!! Hope fully that will include another big positive sign on a stick!!! ;>)

  2. Love this post :) Makes me feel less guilty about being pregnant & excited around my friends who are still trying to get there! And I also am a huge fan of the 8 ball answer idea for the tests...would be hilarious for positive ones too. Thanks for sharing your story. xo

  3. Kelly, you inspire me to better compartmentalize my own thoughts! When I hear about a friend or blogger acquaintance that has reached remission or is still in remission after a scan, I'm so happy for them, yet I always think, why hasn't that happened to me yet? It's an internal struggle that I feel so guilty about. So I'm working on that, and this post has helped me see it is possible!

  4. I can't believe I just found your blog. We have so much in common - I started trying to get pregnant in fall of 09, was on Clomid and it didn't work, had four failed IUIs, diagnosed with PCOS (I guess the Lean version?) and now I'm at REACH but with Dr. Wing. I see Dr. Katz pretty often, though. I'm going through my first IVF now but I took several months off prior like you. Good luck and I hope you get started soon. I remember the exact same feelings that I would never get started and even though tomorrow is my retrieval it still feels like it took us forever to get here. Baby dust over us all !!

  5. Y'all are the best! Morgan, you're one of the strongest women I know - don't beat yourself up over anything! You're battling cancer with more grace than I ever imagined possible!