Saturday, September 17, 2011


Well, Aunt Flo arrived today which meant we had to make some decisions about our next steps. I'm not gonna lie, I was very tempted to put IVF off for a month. Work has been kicking both of our booties and with the Italian still being the new guy at his job it's just scary to think of what could happen if the economy decides to tailspin again. $20k plus the cost of meds (apps $4k per cycle) is NO joke!!!!!! Ultimately, our schedules made the decision for we're set to start the suppression phase tomorrow. That means bcps until October 4th, then back to REACH for labs and ultrasound on the 7th, then starting the stimulation injections on the 9th. That would put us scheduled for retrieval anywhere between October 18 and 22 with the transfer anywhere from 3 to 5 days after the retrieval. Did I mention that we had to figure all of this out within a 2 hr time period (from the time AF arrived until the nurses leave the office for the pressure)? I feel like I should be excited, but right now I'm just nervous. Nervous about money, nervous about giving myself all of those shots, nervous about daily dr.'s visits, nervous about balancing this with work, nervous that we'll go through all of this and it still won't work....I really am normally a very positive gal, but right now I'm just worried...about everything. I don't like this feeling...ugh. And it's all I can think about. If there is one thing infertility has taught me, it's that I am incredibly obsessive compulsive. I'm even annoyed by me. God bless the Italian for putting up with My craziness!


  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you both!!
    ~ The Menzies :)

  2. I can totally relate...and it is not fun!!! Having to make difficult decisions and being filled with worry is not fun when you know that you must not be stressed out because "stress contributes to infertility" (blah blah blah) and yet IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO NOT BE STRESSED ABOUT THESE THINGS! I hope you can find a space for peace so that you don't totally get lost in the craziness! Best of luck to you!!!! ICLW #7

  3. Here from ICLW: wishing you lots of luck and hope the last minute decision is worth the stress!