Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hellooooo 3rd Trimester! - It's Hump Day Bump Day again!

I can't believe we made it to the 3rd trimester!  Only 11 short weeks (or so) until little Nicolette graces us with her presence.  I honestly cannot believe it! 

We had a busy week last week (hence the lack of a HDBD post for 28 weeks). 
  • The dreaded glucose test was last week.  For those not familiar you drink this BIG cup of SUGARY, SYRUPY drink - think of an orange crush soda with extra sugar and NO carbonation.  You have to finish within 5 minutes and then have your blood drawn exactly 1 hour later.  This tests to see if you have gestational diabetes.  So far I haven't heard anything back about the results and the doc said with this test that "no news is good news".  So I guess you don't hear anything if you pass, only if you fail.  Fingers crossed that we're still good and that we don't hear from the doc until our next appointment (on my birthday!!!  Now we start going every two weeks for check ups). 
  • The Italian had cataract he is not 100 years old...just has had lots of unfortunate eye problems.  So we spent a couple of days on that and recovery - so far all is looking good.  His vision was actually 25/20 the day after surgery even with his eye still being dialated which the eye doctor said was AMAZING!  YAY!  He has another follow up tomorrow so prayers that all continues to look good.  He says it feels like he has an eyelash in his eye a lot of the time and he catches a glare out of his right eye and I'm hoping the doc says that that is all normal and that it will subside with time.   
  • We had our Childbirth Preparation class Friday night and all day Saturday.  The Italian was a little bored, but definitely learned a lot - he thought all women delivered babies flat on their backs like they do in the movies.  Boy was he surprised when we had to watch "THE video" with 6 live births.  Fun times.  He's going to be an "uptown dad" - no need for the full show downtown.   
  • The most fun was Nicolette's first Baby Shower this weekend with my work family!  This little girl is going to be spoiled rotten!!!!  We're starting to set up some of the "stuff" that we got for her around the house to see how our cat-child and dog-child react.  Chance (dog-child) is so mellow he really doesn't even seem to notice but Sasha (cat-child) is VERY curious.  We set up Nicolette's bathtub in our bathroom and she's been eyeing it for the past few days.  We're lucky to have very friendly, not aggressive in the least pets but Sasha does like to snuggle so I'm hoping to set up the bassinet in our room sometime in May or June to see what she does with it in the room.
  • Little Nicolette is definitely making use of the space she's created in this belly of mine.  I swear I think she's doing toe touches or cartwheels in there because I'll feel (and see) her kicking in all different directions AT THE SAME TIME.  It's fun to watch!  :)      
And that brings us to this week - I've got some big events at work this weekend running into next week and trying to remind myself (in advance) to pace myself.  Still get awfully lightheaded now and then but the doctor swears that my 80/42 blood pressure is A-OK. long as I don't pass out I guess it's ok.     

And then NEXT weekend I'm so-hostessing a baby shower for a dear friend and former Panther Cheerleader teammate at our house!!!!  Babies, babies everywhere!!!!

Happy Hump Day Bump Day! 
29 weeks!!!!!!

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