Wednesday, May 9, 2012

HDBD - 31 weeks!

So here we are at 31 weeks!  Only 8 weeks and 6 days away from D-Day or 5 weeks and 6 days away from being considered "full term". 

Had a busy week last week working on my favorite event of the year.  Here are a couple of pics snapped at my 13th hour of work from Tuesday evening's gala event :)  Still hangin in there and might I add that I'm still able to rock my 4" heels for the full day.  Those who know me well know that I don't do flats...I really only own 1 pair (and they're leopard print ballet flats so they won't go over too well with my conservative dress code at work).  My plan is to rock the heels until delivery day (so long as they don't hurt me or the bambino). 

After a busy week at work the hubs and I were able to spend Friday at the Wells Fargo Championship.  He's so sweet, all week long he kept saying that he didn't want me to go to the tournament because I'm 7 months pregnant...he must have missed the news story about the woman who ran the marathon at 8 1/2 months pregnant.  I think I can handle a few hours walking around the golf course honey, but it's sweet that you're concerned.  I'm glad the weather cooled off a little so that he felt comfortable taking me out there with him.  I have been getting a little stir crazy since I've been afraid to leave the house to go for walks by myself due to my light headedness/dizzy/almost fainting spells so it was nice to be outside and walking around for a while.  I know that the weather here will be in the upper 90's before we know it and then I probably won't want to be outside even if I could! 

And I wrapped up the weekend with some nursery shopping with my mom.  God bless Babies 'R Us and their 20% off coupons.  We got Nicolette's bassinet - I'll post a picture in a post later this week.  We set it up in our room and put the batteries in the little light, noise maker, vibrating thingy.  It was fun to turn it on last night and see what Sasha (our cat child) did.  She was VERY curious...especially when we put it on the nature sounds instead of the music.  But she was a good kitty - she didn't try to hop in the bassinet at all - she does however like to curl up in the storage basket underneath (where we're supposed to keep diapers, wipes, etc.).  I think that may be Sasha's new nap time spot which is fine with me as long as she's not trying to get IN the bassinet where the baby sleeps.  We'll let her think that we bought it especially for her.  Chance (our dog child) couldn't care less.  He's the most mellow dog you'll ever meet...didn't even sniff the bassinet or anything, just laid down on his bed right next to it and went to sleep.

As for cravings - I can't get enough FRUIT...watermelon, pineapple, mango, apples, grapes, berries...on two separate occasions I have eaten a pound to a pound and a half of grapes in one day...that can't be normal!  At least she likes fruit and not brownies and ice cream :)

And Tuesday was my birthday - 35 and proud WAHOO!  This means that I am officially of "advanced maternal age" - sounds awesome right?  We had a check up with Dr. Bale and so far everything is progressing just beautifully.  When I asked about the light headedness/fainting, Dr. Bale said that most women just get "pregnancy brain" where they get a little forgetful (this is a legitimate thing by the way caused by the majority of the blood in your body going to your little one instead of up to your noggin).  I haven't been forgetful (or at least not that I remember) so he said that my version of pregnancy brain is just getting dizzy, light headed and almost fainting.  cool.  Now don't feel too sorry for doesn't happen every day, just once in a while and totally randomly so I'm a-ok. 

Little Nicolette is probably right around 3 pounds today.  We have our 3d/4d ultrasound next week and I can't wait to see her little face!  I'm sure that it has changed so much since our 19 week ultrasound! 

And I just realized that I'm wearing black in all of these pictures - no I am not in mourning and yes I do own and wear other colors...promise!

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