Wednesday, May 16, 2012

We're in LOVE!

So, no bump pic to share today, but I have something even better to from our 3D/4D Ultrasound!!!!!  We went to an awesome studio (The Prenatal Picture) for our ultrasound session.  At the ultrasound the tech mentioned that I have an Anterior Placenta which basically means that the placenta is on the front of my belly instead of the back.  About 50% of women have anterior placenta and this explains why I don't feel her kicks or movements in the center of my belly, only on the sides.  Aha, now it makes sense!  It also means that it's a little trickier to get a clear shot - especially with this little snuggle buddy...the tech said that Nicolette really likes to snuggle up close to the placenta (probably because it's warm and she can hear my heartbeat).  She said that this also means that Nicolette will probably be a snuggly little girl when she gets here too!  YAY!  I love snuggles!!!! :)

I need to dig up some baby photos of both of us to compare but we both think that she looks more like me.  I think she has a Gulbranson nose and Lord knows that she has the same chubby cheeks that I had when I was a baby.  (When I was a baby my head was 90% cheeks).  The tech also said that she already has a LOT of hair, but obviously we can't tell what color it is yet :)  I need to see a baby pic of the Italian once again because Nicolette has really full lips and I don't think that I had full lips like that when I was baby (nor do I have them now).  Regardless, we were both in awe as we watched her move around, wiggle and giggle...yes, we got a few good laughs out of her because we were poking and prodding trying to get her to move her little hands away from her face but no such luck...for 30 minutes straight she had one or both of her sweet little hands right up by her face so we didn't get a super clear shot of her face.  Here are a few of our favorite pictures (we got 52 images, so I won't bore you with ALL of those - however there were several shots of the "girlie parts" so we can confirm with absolute certainty that she is 100% girl - she might have been shy showing her face but not a bit shy about flashing the lady parts...let's hope that's not a sign of things to come in the future :)

 She's playing peek-a-boo!  You can see her little smile behind her right hand.  

 Giggling!  She's a happy girl!

 Still smiling, but dang it she won't move her hands out of the way!

 At first glance this appeared to be our sweet, precious little baby giving us the one finger salute (and I wouldn't blamer her if she did.  We were poking her and wiggling her around just trying to get her little hands out of the way).  But it's actually her index finger. 

 Squishy face - I think she has mommy's cheeks (mommy had HUGE cheeks when she was a baby)

 Trying to settle back in and go back to sleep. 

 Daddy said that she was practicing "Tebowing"

Sleepy girl!

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