Saturday, May 19, 2012

Nicolette's first race...

And I use the term "race" lightly as the only race for me was to try and make sure that we didn't finish last.  Today started out bright and early as Nicolette and I headed out to the YMCA Ballantyne 5K this morning with friends from work.  Less than a year ago a 5k run was like a warm up for me and now I'm lucky just to be able to walk half that distance!  I was blessed to have a fellow pregateer with me today so that I had someone to walk with as I'm still too scared to go for walks by myself.  I did have to stop a few times because of this stupid light headed-ness that I still have going on but we made it through!  Silly baby apparently likes to take every bit of my blood and hang onto it and not let any get to my brain.  Most women suffer from "pregnancy brain" or forgetfulness...not me I just get dizzy and almost pass out...awesome.  This definitely makes getting exercise in a little challenging.     

I did feel a little bit like a freak show when at the end of the race the race photographers made my friend get out of the picture so that he could get a full profile shot of me.  Breaking news: "8-month pregnant woman finishes walking Ballantyne 5k!" - note my sarcasm here.  I somehow doubt that the Today Show will be calling to interview me as they did Amber Miller who finished the Chicago Marathon while 38 weeks pregnant (and then proceeded to deliver her child hours later).

This will definitely be our first and last "race" until the little one arrives.  But once she's here and old enough I can't wait to take her running with me in the jog stroller!!!!!  I was chatting with a mom of a 7 week old baby girl before the race and she had her baby girl all nestled into her BOB stroller and took off running as soon as the race started.  I'm definitely looking forward to that!

Don't EVEN ask me what our time was today...let's just say that most of the 10K runners were finishing as we finished our 5k walk. :)   

 I couldn't bring myself to pin that silly race number right over my bump.


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