Wednesday, May 30, 2012

HDBD 34 weeks - the home stretch

34 weeks!  Yes that's right...34 weeks!  That means that it's only 3 weeks until we are considered "full term" and only 6 weeks until her official "due date"!  How in the world did this sneak up on us????? 

I've had lots of questions about the nursery...let's just say it's still in nearly the same state as it was following "nursery-geddon" back in April (for those who missed the dramatic post, click here).  The walls are painted, the crown moulding is up (not yet puttied or painted), the closet is not painted, the chandelier is in a box on the floor and the drapes are still in their pretty Restoration Hardware packages just waiting to be hung.  We picked up the crib and dresser 2 weeks ago but that hasn't made it into the room yet since daddy still needs to finish the painting first.  I'm leaving this up to him (yes to he who said "yes we can have the nursery finished by January," back when I started planning this in November).  I'm not going to stress about it (famous last words) as we already have her pretty little bassinet set up in our room and that's where she'll stay for quite a while anyway.

Nicolette has decided to make a nice little home for herself in my right you honey but that hurts.  I spent about half of my work day yesterday at my desk with my right arm straight up in the air just trying to create more "space" for her to settle in.  As soon as I put my arm down she'd sneak right back up into the rib...silly girl...this is not a game! :)

I had a dear friend who is insanely talented and was kind enough to take some maternity photos last week.  She posted a beautiful blog on her site at Kristin Vining Photography.  And another special (and adorable) chick was kind enough to do my hair and make up so that I didn't look like a total hot mess, she is cute as a button and has the best sense of style, you should check out her website at Lindsey Regan Thorne.  One of my favorite pics from the shoot is below :) 

The countdown is on...5 weeks and 6 days to go!

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