Wednesday, June 6, 2012

HDBD - 35/35

35/35 - today we are 35 weeks pregnant with 35 days to go until D-Day!!!!

That means that after today we only have 4 weeks and 6 days!  It hardly seems possible!  And we really only have 1 week and 6 days until we are classified as "full term"  WHAT THE HECK?????

Well Nicolette is definitely GROWING...and RAPIDLY!    Below is a picture of the bump at 35 weeks (now) and below that is the bump at 33 weeks (2 short weeks ago)!  WOWZERS!  

(the says that by this point, the uterus is 1,000 times it's normal size!  yikes! I still have my doubts as to if, how and when that will go back to "normal size")
35 weeks

33 weeks

I don't know how she's growing so much - she's decided to put me on an all watermelon and cucumber's all I want to eat - but I could probably eat a 10 pound watermelon in 1-2 days if I'd let myself.  Who knew that a baby can survive and THRIVE on cucumbers with hummus or ranch dip (that I make with greek yogurt instead of sour cream) and watermelon?

I can still manage to keep myself from waddling most of the time and still sport my 4" heels at work so we're feeling G-O-O-D!  I almost hate to mention it, but I really do feel great.  I'm still sleeping through the night and sleeping WELL and I haven't seen any swelling (YET).  I attribute the lack of swelling to the cucumber and watermelon diet that Nicolette has put us on...was reading and learned that those are both foods that help reduce/eliminate swelling.   Thanks Nicolette!  So happy that she likes eating healthy stuff instead of pizza, chips. brownies and all the stuff that I expected that I would be craving! 

We got our car seat this weekend - HOORAY!  And I got some bottles at my shower this weekend, so we really have everything that we NEED to have when we bring her home.  Still lots of odds and ends to take care of but we have plenty of time for that.  I'm officially banned from buying anymore clothes (self imposed restriction).  

Starting next week we see the doctor every week.  We have our hospital tour and a meeting with another pediatrician in the coming week(s).  I have yet to pack my hospital bags - if anyone has any tips as to what to pack, please send them my way!  Want to be as efficient as possible but still have the things that I'll want to have around me in the hospital.  

Saying prayers every night that this little bun stays put and cooks a while longer so that she's nice and strong when she arrives!  Thank you Jesus for bringing us this far!!!!! :)    


  1. So exciting that you are so close to the end. As for tips on the hospital bag I have a few things that aren't normal but always helpful. A radio, a small fan and comfy slippers for walking around. Also, if you have a boppy pillow those are AWESOME to have for her and you. These are good to have for breastfeeding or just a break for your arms. She can lay at your feet on the boppy. :)

    1. Thanks so much! I'll definitely be bringing the Boppy along!!!!

  2. You look great Mama! As for the bag - I am bad... I pack as soon as I KNOW I am in labor and I only pack my everyday things. I have a couple pairs of capri sweats that I will bring with matching tanks (that's what is most comfortable for me) since I HATE the hospital gowns, oh and nursing bra's & slippers. Then my make-up, hair straightener, razor, deodorant and lotion. Laptop - or else I will die. CAMERA & CORD OR ELSE I WILL DIE. Phone & charger of course. And then some onesies for baby along with receiving blankets. I guess I am pretty simple. Some girls bring boppy's and a bunch of other stuff, but I like to fit all my stuff in my duffel bag. Oh and I make sure to wear a clean outfit so I can wear it home. And whatever else you seem to have forgotten while you are there... just send hubby over with it :)

    1. Thank you for the tips! Now I don't feel so bad about (STILL) not having packed yet! :)