Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nicolette's Final Beautiful Shower

We were fortunate to have one last final and beautiful baby shower last weekend!  I cannot believe how incredibly blessed we are to have such amazing and generous friends and family.  This particular shower was hosted by my college roommate Laura and she totally outdid herself!  Every little detail was absolutely precious and so well thought out.  Here are a few pics from the special day (ok more than a "few") :) 
Welcome to Nicolette's Baby Shower!!!!

With my roomie, BFF and shower hostess extraordinaire, Laura

Yummies by Laura!

Beautiful Hydrangeas from Laura's Garden!

Mmmmmm - cake pops and French Macaroons (French Macaroons are my FAVORITE!!!!)

 Me with my mama! 

 Cute little bath mitt (and big old belly)

 With the Baker girls

 With some of my Alpha Phi sisters

 With Lady Di (as I call her)

 With Jen (who is carrying Nicolette's future boyfriend, Tristan - but come on - you can hardly see any bump on her little belly...she's due in Oct)

 With one of the best friends ever...Janie

 Baby love!

 Nicolette's sweet baby book - a gift from her Grandma and Grandpa

 Daddy's Little Girl Picture frame

 Every girl needs a Juicy Couture Track Suit, right?  

 Sweet little tutu

 Pack & Play - HOORAY! (Janie and I had quite the adventure putting this together later that night)

Another sweet little tutu.  The little princess will be all stocked up in ballerina appropriate attire!



What are NOT pictured are the 3 18-gallon tubs FULL of baby girl clothes (size Newborn through 18 months) that Auntie Janie brought to us from Raleigh!  HOLY MOLY does our little princess have a TON of clothes now!!!!! 

11 days until the due date!  I'm ready and not ready at the same time...The Italian is going to install the car seat this weekend and I'm saying that I'm going to pack my hospital bag (but I've said that every week for the last two months so we'll see how that goes :).  We're definitely ready to meet sweet Nicolette but it's also nice to know that she's safe and cozy inside my tummy right now!  Trying not to think too much about "labor" and am sick of hearing horror stories about how hard it is and how much it hurts.  Focusing on positive affirmations and the knowledge that God designed women's bodies to do this and that it can't be THAT bad or else everyone would stop at one child...right?  So even though it is going to be difficult, long, painful and exhausting every second of it will be worth it!  

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