Thursday, June 21, 2012

No Rest in this Nest

Let the nesting continue.  Now that my carpet shampooing extravaganza is complete and I'm just waiting on the nursery glider and bookshelves to arrive before I do anything else in there I had to look for some extra "projects" to tackle this week. 

I nested my husband's drawers (thank you Pinterest for the drawer organizing tips)
I nested our garage with our Sho-Vac (seriously getting crazy now - who vacuums a garage when they're 9 months, that's who)

I even "nested" Chance.  Our dog-child has more fur than I could ever shed off of him.  Funny if you look closely you can almost see his outline where he was laying down while I shedded him. 

We had our 37 week check up today and still looking good.  I have dilated 1 cm, am 50% effaced, lost 1 lb and baby girl's heart rate has started to slow down from her usual 150-160 down to 125.  All signs that delivery is in fact on it's way and baby girl is starting to relax and rest in preparation for her grand entrance!  Now I can apparently stay in this "state" for 2-3 weeks or more with little to no further progression so it's not like I'm delivering tonight or anything (at least I hope not).  I'd REALLY appreciate it if this little bun could stay put until we AT LEAST hit 39 weeks.  The March of Dimes states that at 35 weeks the size of the baby's brain is only 2/3's of what it will be at 39-40 we've still got lots of brain growing to do over these next couple of weeks.  The Italian tried to hide it but I could tell he was a little nervous when I called to tell him that I had dilated 1cm.  He quietly asked if my delivery date was being moved up.  I told him no that we still have a ways to go, but we are starting to make SOME progress so it's just proof that this pregnancy will not last forever despite my recent fears about it.  I've just felt so "normal" that I couldn't believe that she could actually be born in the next few weeks.   

I've said it before but I really am going to TRY to slow down and chill out on the nesting over the next couple of weeks.  I know it's important to get some rest because we'll be expending a LOT of energy come labor day. 

Saying lots of prayers for HEALTHY development for little Nicolette - we're really excited about meeting you sweet girl!!!!     

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