Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Nicolette's Baby Shower ~ The TopCat edition

Sunday was a special day indeed!  We were showered with love by the "Pride of the Carolinas" - my Carolina Panther Top Cat Alumni sisters.   We had the BEST time and the ladies who planned the shower really outdid themselves!  We were at Vivace in Charlotte, NC and it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  The weather was amazing and all of the little details were so sweet, so girlie and so very "me".  We felt so blessed and loved!  I wish that ALL of the ladies that I cheered with over my 6 years would have been able to make it, but that would have been one crazy big shower!  I just wish we had more occasions to force us all to get together more often.

I hope to have more "detail photos" to share later, but here are a few photos of some of our stunning guests.

 The greatest party planners ever!  Amy, Brooke, Tiffany, Tara and Erin - my excellent Shower Hostesses

 My 2006 Sassy Silver Sisters - Sparkle & Shine ladies - we're just missing Miss Foxy Roxy :(

 with Miss Vicki Wong (now Mrs. Victoria Wong Allen) 

 Some of us "Old School" TopCats - Jenny, Mama Platt (who drove all the way from Greensboro even though she's due with a baby boy ANY DAY) and me

 with Miss Brooke - who just had a precious baby girl 4 months ago!

 with Tara, Erin, Brooke and Erin's sweet 3 week old baby Patrick (i.e. Nicolette's future boyfriend)
Tara just had a baby 3 months ago, Erin 3 weeks ago and Brooke 4 months ago...I need these ladies' secrets to looking so fab after baby!!!  Seriously!

Hands down the most beautiful group of shower guests ever (both inside AND out)!  So thankful that little Nicolette has all of these amazing "Aunties" to look up to!

Daddy (aka "The Italian) had a busy weekend as well!  The nursery is coming right along - crown moulding is painted, closet is painted, and the chandelier is up!!!!!  I shampooed the carpet tonight and we'll probably hang the drapes and start moving the furniture in this weekend!!!  HOORAY!  I'll share pics when we get to a picture worthy point...right now it just looks like a gray box with a really pretty chandelier :)  

We had a 35 week check up today and all was well until I let the doctor know that I had noticed a decrease in Nicolette's activity over the past 24 hours.  Boy, they do NOT mess around when you mention that.  She told me that she wanted me to stay and have an NST - I did not know what an NST was so was starting to freak myself out and they block out the wireless back in the dr.'s office areas so I couldn't look it up.  After an hour wait I was in a room with a nurse with two monitors strapped to my belly (which is apparently all an NST is = Non Stress Test).  Wouldn't you know it that as SOON as she turned the monitors on our little Sleeping Beauty was suddenly wide awake and ready to put on a show for us!  Little drama queen - I think she just wanted some extra attention today.  She even had the hiccups for about 15 minutes so it was interesting to hear that.  After an hour of monitoring her heart rate and movements they determined that all is definitely well and our little princess must have just been extra sleepy (or mommy has just been a little too active).  She's been a jumping bean for the rest of the day so that makes me feel good...although she is starting to get into some REALLY interesting and UNCOMFORTABLE positions.  But I'll take it, happily - just to know that she's ok!

Tomorrow is hump day bump day!  :) 

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