Wednesday, June 20, 2012

We're "full term"! HDBD - 37 weeks

It's hard to believe but we're considered "full term" today!  That means that if little Nicolette arrived today she would no longer be considered a preemie and would most likely be able to eat and drink on her own!  Now we still don't want her to come JUST YET - she's still practicing breathing, swallowing and all that good stuff so I'm quite content to wait until she's totally ready!

I'm still feeling good - although the little stinker is getting stronger and stronger...she kicked me (or punched me, can't tell which) so hard today that I literally yelled when it happened.  Luckily I was working from home today so I didn't scare the beegezus out of my coworkers or a client.  She still likes to scooch her little tooshie (which is getting bigger and bigger by the way) right up into my ribs.  It hurts like the dickens but that means she's still head down so I'll take it.

We had our tour of the Maternity Center on Monday and it was awesome.  We're blessed to be delivering at a beautiful hospital and all of the labor and delivery nurses that we met were so nice and friendly.  We got to stop by the nursery and see the nurses bathing a couple of babies.  I started crying (one of the many times that I cried throughout the tour).  We'll opt for baby baths IN our room...I don't want them taking her away any more than they absolutely have to.  Sweet little thing has been a part of me for 9 months and I don't want to scurry her away with a stranger just a few hours after she gets here.  We'll opt to have her room in with us as well so I think the only thing she'll have to go to the nursery for is for the pediatric examinations.  They like to do those in the nursery because the lighting is better for the doctors to be able to check her color, etc.

When we were on the way out the nurse stopped by the nursery again and there was a new baby getting ready for a bath.  The Italian could not believe how "big" the baby was so we asked and found out that the little bugger was 7lbs 14 oz. (less than either The Italian or I weighed when we were born :)

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