Wednesday, June 27, 2012

HDBD - 38 weeks

Here we are at 38 weeks!  Only 1 week, 6 days until "D Day".  We have another check up tomorrow so we'll see if I'm still at 1cm or if any further progress has been made.  The official Due Date is July 11th which really doesn't mean anything.  Dr. B says to think of it as a due "month" not a due "date - so anywhere from 2 weeks before (yikes! TODAY) to 2 weeks after July 11th is when we should expect the princess to arrive. 

I'm still feeling well but am definitely more tired than I was last week.  I was literally happy, bubbly and full of energy on Saturday (for my last beautiful shower which I'll post about this week) and then woke up Sunday to feel as though a giant vacuum had sucked every bit of energy out of my body.  I don't feel "bad", still no swelling, no major discomfort, still wearing heels (with no visible waddle yet :))etc. just TIRED.  I've also had some mild/moderate cramping since Monday but I guess that's normal at this point too.    

Nicolette was very quiet and STILL last night and this morning which freaked me out so I called the doctor's office (as instructed...promise I'm not one of those worry warts who calls the doctor with every little thing.  But at my last few appointments they did encourage me to call anytime I noticed a difference in fetal movement).  Anyway, the nurse encouraged me to drink a caffeinated beverage and sit very still and count fetal movements - hoping for 10 movements within 2 hours.  So I brewed my first cup of caffeinated Green Tea in over a year and propped myself up on my bed with my laptop as I was working from home today (thank goodness).  She is slower than usual but sure enough she did perk up a little bit and I had at least 10 movements within 1 hour so feel much more comfortable.  I guess she's getting tired now too...and the nurse said she's probably running out of space as well. :)  Further proof that she is not going to be a permanent resident in my big ol' belly and will be making her grand entrance sooner rather than later!   

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